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Is anyone out there watching this gem? I think Bob Odenkirk is amazing. He plays the part of the down-on-his-luck/sleazeball/kind-hearted Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman perfectly. It is filmed in much the same manner as Breaking Bad and includes cameos from BB characters. The cinematography, sound and editing are perfect, as is the story telling, character development and script. If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, or TV in general, give this show a chance.



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I feel so bad for Jimmy. He is trying so hard to be a good guy, a good attorney and not become Slippin' Jimmy again, but life keeps knocking him down...


this is pretty interesting comparing him to Walt...


In BrBa, we see a main character (Walt) who consciously decides to be bad and consequently destroys his family even though he had every opportunity not to do so (taking Elliott and Gretchen's money). Even when Walt thought he was getting better and had tons of money, he still decided to go back to the life of crime at the expense of his family.


In BCS, we see a man (Jimmy) who is trying so hard to be legit and not break bad, but the world around him is inevitably pushing him to enter crime by constantly rejecting him and reinforcing in his brain that he is a "bad guy" deep down. Disappointment after disappointment and Jimmy will finally give up and reluctantly become bad.


Once again, Vince Gilligan and the creators are brilliant. I love how they make a show similar to BrBa, but with a polar opposite theme for the main character.



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