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Doctor Strange

Bret Hart

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Maybe most of mb.com users could watch this movie on November 4th, but it was premiered yesterday in South Korea. So I just tell some guide note for you. Don't worry. I will not write down any spoiler. I hope to share your reviews sooner or later.


1. If you're a Marvel comics and MCU fan, just watch it. I can guarantee that no regret.


2. If you don't like magical power or something like that, you could feel some childish thing.


3. It's not a "normal" Marvel movie like Ironman 1, Thor 1 and Captain America : first avenger.


4. I don't think this movie' rating cannot compare with CA : Civil War but it would be similar to Ant-man.


5. Teaser and trailer have showed very small parts of this movie. 


6. Don't miss the two bonus footage until all ending credit is over. (formal Marvel Studios style)



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It's definitely too many movies but they're making big money so they won't be stopping any time soon. Individually plenty of the movies are still damn good so they don't bother me. Having an 8 year old to watch them with sure helps too. I can also see them being tough to follow if you haven't seen all the movies since they connect. At this point that they're on like the 14th or 15th movie there could be quite a few confusing things make no sense if u haven't seen a good portion of the previous ones too. In that sense it sure could be a complete pain in the ass.



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