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Fangraphs Top 29 for the Marlins


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A few position player starters, some with big upside, a stellar future bullpen, and skeptical SP. Sounds about right.


Practically, if the lineup in 2020 has Brinson, Harrison, Sierra, Anderson, and Diaz in it, with B. Lee, Riddle, and Cooper on the bench, god willingly Alcantara as a 2/3 SP, they get three more 3/4/5 types out of Urena, Neidert, D. Peters, J. Garcia, Ca. Smith, and pick your favorite lesser SP fringe prospect, and get the radical bullpen of say Guzman, Steckenrider, Wittgren, Gallen, Yamamoto, etc., they are going to be in really good shape.


Also important to note Realmuto, Bour, Castro, Prado, Dietrich, Maybin, Straily, Ziegler, and Barraclough are going to turn into at least 1 awesome, 4-6 decent, and 6+ lottery tickets to add to the list.


They really need to keep hammering getting up the middle players (C, 2B, SS) and SP and all should work out (on paper).



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I think it's more complicated than that. There are a lot of guys that have 2 great pitches, but don't have that pitch to pair it. I say the odds that all the 21-22 year olds don't add one plus pitch to there arsenal is pretty low. If 2 of them do we will be okay. If 4+ do our future rotation will be stacked.


It all comes down to our organizations ability to improve physical talents.



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