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Your fav. songs right now?


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the new Incubus song

pygmy - remember nelson

a static lullaby - love to hate, hate to me

the new death cab for cutie album

nice combo there ... its sorta odd to see someone mention something like pygmy around here ...


whatever my jams right now are


the new Strokes album


Lost Highway by jeff buckley, another love song by queens of the stone age


ohh and the new My Morning Jacket album

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I tend to favor songs from movies.


I'm a big soundtrack freak. I've got Meet Joe Black, Pearl Harbor, The Natural, Angels in the Outfield, the list goes on.....

Best soundtracks....O Brother Where Art Thou, Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, High Fidelity.

go listen to the soundtrack from the movie Donnie Brasco .. that shite is tight

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