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iPod laying around?


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I swapped out the guts in a couple old ipods using these boards and also bought a new battery that last a zillion times longer.  it worked pretty well once i figured out how to get the damn things open (which is easier said than done). It's a pretty fun little kit though (i used the Iflash solo kit both times).  There are even some alternate programs you can load out there like rockbox which lets you use flac files for lossless audio. 


Basically, you open the ipod, take out the old hard drive inside and swap in the iflash drive with an SD card for your new "hard drive" and there is also now space to add a better battery. The OEM Apple battery is only 600mah but I have a 2800mah battery now in one of the two i swapped out.  The SD card also takes less energy to run than the old apple hard drive so a single charge can last literally like a month now.

Anyway, once everything is reconnected - itunes will restore your ipod for you and then you can transfer files, etc. back on it like before - it's just faster and more energy efficient now. I just love projects that reuse older tech to bring it back to life and this fit the bill perfectly.

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33 minutes ago, marlinsmaniac said:

Nice! What gen iPod? The original briefcase sized ones?

Their site let's you know which of these boards are compatible with which gen ipod. I've done it to two ipods now. It's pretty spiffy and hilarious how long the battery life is now. Getting them open is utter hell though. The first one I opened took forever. Second was a tiny bit better. Also, the thicker the iPod the easier it is to slot in a bigger battery.

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If any of you are curious about trying this out hit me up - there are some likely hidden costs in this that aren't quite laid out on the manufacturer's site.  Granted, if you're a tech junkie like me you might have some of the extra pieces laying around but if not, there's a few things I'd recommend scooping up before trying this out. 

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