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The Baltimore Sun:



Once that gets decided, the Orioles will probably start combing for bargains.


Just last week, their former All-Star second baseman, Roberto Alomar, signed a one-year, $1 million deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.


Team officials said it would take a similar scenario for them to start seriously considering Rodriguez, 32, or Maddux, 37.


The starting rotation - Rodrigo Lopez, Kurt Ainsworth, Omar Daal and Co. - could definitely use an upgrade, but the Orioles think Maddux will probably sign with a National League contender.

Could that NL Contender be the Marlins? I would prefer seeing Livan, but it wouldn't be bad I guess with Maddux.


A more likely scenario has the Orioles trying to work a trade for Expos right-hander Livan Hernandez.


Very interesting.

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I'm sure if the money was right then Maddux would sign with us because we have a great team he at this point in his career he wants to play for a winner. The problem is that we won't sign him. He's too expensive. I would prefer an Orlando Hernandez, Livan, or Robert Person.

i heard on espnews that the best scenario for him would be in chicago. but then again...its espn. :confused

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