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He's Baaaaack


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RAW Thoughts:


Good opening contest, with Victoria looking good tonight (she looked different...hair down perhaps?). Surprised to see Molly eliminated so early. I think they're going overboard with these commercials during matches (in the opening match here AND during a match on Velocity?!?!)...I was hoping for a quick squash of Venis, actually....Odd to see Austin talking up Bischoff....God, Triple H's promo was so BOORING. I didn't hear much of it, cuz everybody in the room was talking over it cuz they didn't want to hear it. And seeing Flair do the "bow down and worship" sign thing almost made me puke. Thankfully, Benoit interrupts...to mention how great Trips is. Why does every challenger have to give Helmsley a verbal fellatio? He WISHES he was Flair....


Benoit/Batista was short enough, and to the point....Decent tag match, although some of RVD's kicks missed by alot.....Foley's promo was okay, nothing great though....I'm a bit upset that this is how the Christian/Trish part of the angle went. Scary clothesline by Christian, though.....The last segment wasn't bad, and it made sense that guys would take advantage of Vince being there to give them matches at WM. The Brock appearance threw me, though.....Nice of Vince to sell those kicks of Bischoff....Allright RAW, not bad, not great.

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Does anyone honestly think Benoit has a shot in hell? I don't.


Triple H knows this is the biggest event, and there's no way he'll lose. We'll get the same nonsense we've gotten the last three years. And Wrestlemania 20 will be tarnished just like Wrestlemania 2000 was, all because of a bad ending to the main event. WEAK!


And, does anyone else think that Austin's setting up Goldberg? I mean, Goldberg speared Austin first. Could it be Lesnar F-5ed Austin so we don't see the totally awesome swerve at Mania?

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