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Canseco plans to try out for Dodgers


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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Canseco plans to try out for Dodgers


Associated Press


VERO BEACH, Calif. -- Jose Canseco plans to try out for the Los Angeles Dodgers, 2? years after his last appearance in the major leagues.


The six-time All-Star will attend the Dodgers' open tryout on March 1.


"Canseco's people called us," Matt Slater, the Dodgers' director of professional scouting, said Tuesday. "He's welcome to come."


Canseco last played in the majors in 2001, when he hit .258 with 16 homers for the Chicago White Sox.


He and Mark McGwire teamed in Oakland as the "Bash Brothers," leading the team to three straight World Series appearances from 1988-90, including the 1989 title. Canseco won the 1988 AL MVP award and has 462 homers, 26th on the career list.


Canseco admitted in 2002 that he used steroids during his career. He served jail time for violating terms of his probation for a 2001 fight at a Miami Beach, Fla., nightclub. His rap sheet includes domestic violence and aggravated battery charges.

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Jose is a friend of mine,yes he is still under house arrest but he is allowed to leave for work purposes and this falls under that...i worked out with him before he left for L.A. and trust me this guy could play another 4-5 years easy..he is in better shape than most of the guys playing right now...if given the chance he can hit 40+ homers easy good luck my mentor.....

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