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Change at QB not so Evident Anymore...


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Posted on Sun, Feb. 29, 2004



HEADED OUT? Jay Fiedler's tenure as starter has brought doubters.




Pay cut request removed


The team wants Jay Fiedler back enough that it has rescinded its request for the quarterback to take a pay cut next season.




[email protected]



The Dolphins have rescinded their request that Jay Fiedler take a pay cut, a significant move that can lead to Miami's incumbent quarterback returning to the team for the 2004 season.


A team source confirmed Saturday night that Miami's desire to have Fiedler return is such that he would still make $3.7 million in base salary in 2004 if he agrees to come to training camp and compete for the starting job.


That is only the first step toward Fiedler being with the team, however.


Fiedler must first actually decide that he wants to return and would also have to win a competition between himself and A.J. Feeley as the starter. Fiedler, who spent the past few days in New York mulling his future, may not be with the team if he decides he has a better opportunity elsewhere.


Fiedler is expected to make a decision on his future in the next few days.


Even if Fiedler decides to stay with the Dolphins and become involved in a competition with Feeley, there is no guarantee he would win the starting job.


If Fiedler does not win the starting job, he might again be targeted to have his pay cut because backup quarterbacks typically earn between $1.3-$1.7 million.


The team's decision to rescind its pay cut request signals a significant about-face. The Dolphins are scheduled to complete a trade for Feeley next Wednesday -- a move originally meant to replace Fiedler as the starter.


Following the agreement of the Feeley trade, the Dolphins immediately asked Fiedler to take a pay cut last week and even gave him permission to speak with other teams regarding a trade or new contract.


Fiedler declined the pay reduction and was expecting to be cut as early as next week. But the team and Fiedler's agent Brian Levy have been discussing ways of bringing Fiedler back since the player met with coach Dave Wannstedt.


Wannstedt told Fiedler the team wants him back.


Levy was unavailable for comment.


Well looks like Fielder will be back. I'm sure he will be back if they ask him not to take a paycut to come back even if he has to compete for the starting job.


I've always been a Fielder supporter but I thought it was time for a change but I still wouldnt be mad at the organization if Fielder comes back to start again. But I do hope Feeley gets a fair shot because we all know about Dave's love affair with Fielder.




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I don't think he'll be back. He'd rather have a starting job handed to him rather than compete for it.

Yeah but there is no team in the league where the job would be handed to him at this point. Any team he would go to he would have to compete for the starting job.


Plus I heard that he wants to prove the organization and fans wrong and wants a chance to win the job and without having to take a pay cut I dont see why he wouldnt be back.

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