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Panthers-Blackhawks game


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Things I Hate About Hockey:

1) Empty Net Goals

2) Not Using Defensemen Enough in the Defensive Zone

3) Too many/Too little Power Plays Called vs. What There Should Be

Its like any sport and you need respect. Its like at the Leafs game there was a lot of clutching and grabbing by the Leafs and the first power play is...





The Leafs on a dive by, I think, Matt Stajan...




The refs need to balance it.

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The last game the Panthers play vs. the Islanders in the regular season will have a unique situation on the TV and Radio sides.


Jiggs and Denis will be on TV, Jeff and Randy will be on Radio.

Jiggs may return if there is a lockout to save the team the risk of hiring a new announcer without there being games.

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