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6 HS Football players ruled eligibe for draft


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Nine more granted eligibility for 2004 draft




NEW YORK (March 5, 2004) -- The National Football League announced the names of nine players who have been granted special eligibility for the 2004 NFL Draft as a result of a recent federal court ruling. These players submitted written notification to the NFL prior to a March 1 deadline that they have renounced their college football eligibility.


On Jan. 19, 41 players were granted special eligibility under the league's three-year eligibility rule (three football seasons after high school graduation).


Following the federal court ruling on Feb. 5, in the Maurice Clarett case, underclassmen who did not meet those eligibility requirements were given the opportunity to apply for the 2004 draft.


The NFL established the following procedures for such players seeking to enter the draft:


* Any players seeking to enter the draft had to submit a completed Special Eligibility form to the NFL office no later than Monday, March 1. Such players had a 72-hour window after March 1 during which they could withdraw their petition for eligibility.

* Players were not permitted to bypass the March 1 deadline in order to seek eligibility for a later supplemental draft, and no supplemental draft will be held to accommodate such an election.

* The March 1 deadline for players seeking to enter the draft did not apply to those players who were previously eligible to apply for the draft by Jan. 15, but elected not to apply.


The 2004 NFL Draft will be held on April 24-25 in New York City. The following players renounced their college football eligibility and were granted special eligibility for the 2004 NFL Draft today:

Players who were granted special eligibility

Player Pos. College/High School

Joe Banks RB New Directions Academy HS (Baltimore, Md.)

John Belisle QB Capac Community HS (Capac, Mich.)

Maurice Clarett RB Ohio State University

Earl Fields DT Appling County HS (Baxley, Ga.)

Joe Lee WR Gates HS (Tacoma, Wash.)

Ronnie McCrae DB Pasadena City College

Ethan Mitchell RB Flowers HS (Springdale, Md.)

Ken Petitt T Redford HS (Detroit, Mich.)

Mike Williams WR University of Southern California

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If they can think that their ready for The NFL...


Do you really even belong in a place of education.


It's possible if they play in a powerhouse region for HS Football they might have a shot as a camp invite but not one is from Texas or Florida. I'm not too up to date on HS Football outside of PA but I doubt any of those players have played consistently against ranked opponents in HS.

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no 18 year old is physically ready for the NFL. its not possible

Exactly. However, it's unlikely an NFL team will draft a high-schooler, unless he has amazing talent. Even if they do, this first group of guys will likely get tossed around in the NFL, and quit pretty fast.

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even if any of these players are picked they probably will drop to a 7th round pick. and if they do get drafted they probably wont see any playing time for a year or 2 or 3. they wil probably just be on the practice squad


that can be the only positive really for a team. teach them the system until they grow into it. you can actually mature faster than going through college.


but either way its a huge gamble

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