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Das Texan

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Well now its March.



Like we usually see....the Timberwolves have played well to this point.



They are at full strength now.



They lost to Boston at home today.



The Spurs are 2 games back and getting stronger as history tells us happens every year.



Is this the air coming out of the Puppies sails AGAIN?

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The Wolves time is NOW?



They could fool me by losing to both Houston and Boston.



Were both games at home?



This is the traditional Wolves time to COLLAPSE.



You realize we are only 2 out.



You also should realize that March/April is the time when the Spurs play the best and do so year after year after year.....

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Guest marlins02

if by the "time" you mean the time to get past the 1st round i think its the year. right now youre 2nd in the conference with the spurs right on your heels. i think youll fall behind them (although SA almost blew that game against Dallas). the lakers are 4th and just lost kobe but they still got the daddy so its possible they can overtake the wolves. if not you finish 3rd but you still have to play memphis it looks like in the 1st round and that will NOT be easy or you might also play dallas and you know they score at will so that wont be easy (ask das about friday). in the west nothing is locked up if your minnesota, even playing Houston in the 1st round could be dangerous. if you get past the 1st round i dont see you getting past san antonio or sacremento or even LA if you get them.

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Well after goin to TWolves.com and seeing that they got schooled by the JailBlazers,


I'll admit that this year as always (and they've always faded, and I've admitted that as far as past years go) they are fading.


Losing to Portland today made it official to me, they are fading.


So the only thing that I can believe is that its Flip Saunders' fault.


But I'm not callin for his head,.....







If we dont make it out of the first round this year, heads will roll.

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