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  1. Backloading the deal and the opt-out clause were both Stanton's ideas but keep assuming things if it fits your ignorant stance. I've given up trying with some people. They were his ideas with the intention that it would free up money. Then we took a lesser trade so that the Dodgers would give us 12.5 million. We'll still have the lowest payroll in the league even with Stanton at a bargain price this year. Hurray for freeing up money. Stanton might have supported the backloading but it clearly fits the pattern that Loria has used on EVERY long term contract he has done. How many of the
  2. Stanton would have to hover around .300 and average over 35 home runs to give himself a shot at topping $30MM a year. The opt out I believe is incase Salaries get to stupid territory, like 35-40MM a year and he's not locked into a below market deal. His contract is designed for him to lose the value of the contract if he opts out, by playing below market in the first 6 years. He would have never signed that contract as it is if he intended to opt out in 6 years, he would have pushed for more money in the front end to cash as much of the $325 he can. He also wouldn't have pushed for es
  3. Idk why people think he's going to opt out anyway. The way the deal was built its very unlikely he does. He would have to go on a Pujols/Cabrera run to get a team willing to even match the second half of that contract at 31. You're ignoring inflation of salaries. At 31 he will likely want to opt out just to get a longer deal at the same salary which he would easily be able to do at that age (assuming no major injury or extreme decline in skill) In 6 years 30 million a year will buy you a lot less. The elite players will probably be making a lot more. I think he wil
  4. I don't believe that happened but a lot of the Loria haters will run with it I'm sure The three scenarios are: The report is false. For whatever reason some member of the Pittsburgh media made up a story about the Miami Marlins for some reason with a quote from the Pirate's President. What would be the motive be for this Pittsburgh reporter to make this up? Its not like it will blow up into a national story. The president is lying about the conversation. For whatever reason the Pirate's President decides to regale a crowd of Pirate fans with a very specific made up story of the owne
  5. The agreement is the Fish get the $10 Million regardless of whether he pitches or not. So if he retires, great, we get the money and grab a FA. If he doesn't retire, we got him in the rotation for free in 2015. So for someone to say that the trade was all about money is foolish until Haren makes up his mind, because if he decides to pitch, the money is rather irrelevant because we upgraded in two major areas. Even if Haren plays its still about money. They could have gotten more or given up less if they didn't ask the Dodgers to pay for Haren and more shamefully Dee Gordon's 1st year a
  6. Congratulations, this is no longer Wild Card exclusive! Chapman has been amazing out of the bullpen, why change that? Each time the Reds have considered it, they decided, "keep him in the bullpen." And now, they're not even considering it anymore. Why? Cause amazing out of bullpen. He won't throw 102 consistently as a starter. He only has a fastball and slider, thus won't be so effective. Just ... ^^ picture. You try it because starters are way more valuable than relievers. He doesn't need to throw 102 consistently and he only needs two pitches when that fastball and slider
  7. https://twitter.com/jaysonst/status/542948433036730368 Apologies if this is somewhere else. Looks just like the Gregg deal where they had to clear money to spend it. The good thing is it will probably be someone better this time.
  8. Passan is being a dick for nothing... Just cuz the Marlins are ready to spend more doesn't mean they have unlimited funds. The team gave up prospects for an upgrade at 2B and also found a way to save money in the process. That's not being cheap, that's being smart. If Billy Beane does that nobody calls him cheap. If the team doesn't spend the money that's another story but to suddenly throw the asshole comments just because we wisely got the Dodgers to foot the bill here is unnecessary. Billy Beane has not sold prospects for money in this fashion. As cheap as the A's are thought to b
  9. Also....whats the big deal? If the Marlins indeed traded Hatcher and Barnes for $12.5M that we can use to improve the team THIS year...I'm all for it. Its like saying you sold your house at half price to pay for heart surgery you needed. Sure that's a great idea. Its not a great idea if you already have millions of dollars sitting in the bank. Also its yet to be seen if that 12.5 million is used to improve the team this year. And again Loria is creating a false choice there. We shouldn't have to choose between the free agent and the prospects. We should have both like every real
  10. Even if he does re-invest the 12.5 million, it's amazing that we need to give up prospects for money because we can't afford free agents otherwise. Exactly. On the face of it selling prospects for 12.5 million and then using that 12.5 in free agency is a smart move. The problem is we are already nearly last in payroll by a wide margin. We should just be able to spend 12.5 million and keep our prospects. If we had even an average payroll and sold prospects to fit in another free agent or two I would consider it shrewd. At our current payroll its a false dilema. We shouldn't have t
  11. Dodgers sold high. 2014 will be the best season of Dee Gordon's career. I would take that bet in a heartbeat.
  12. Did we just trade a number 3 starter(Heaney's floor) a omar infante type utility player ( Kike's floor) a solid reliever (Hatcher) and a bench player(barnes' floor) for a 1-2 war second baseman(Dee's floor) and a pitcher who will retire? Heaney's floor is last season. No guarantee he ever becomes a regular starter. Better prospects have flamed out. Kike's floor could be he never cuts it as a major leaguer. I don't like this trade but you can't say Kike's floor is Infante and then say Gordon is a 1-2 war second basemen.
  13. I'm just thinking in two years we've essentially traded our 2012 and 2013 first round draft picks for Jarred Cosart and Dee Gordon. In a bubble you could say we turned two first round picks into a starting pitcher and a starting 2nd baseman in the majors, which isn't all that awful. I just think when you're draft 6th and 9th that you want those picks to turn into cornerstone pieces of your team. I can't say Cosart and Gordon are key pieces of a championship caliber team. But then again top draft picks can easily bust out, so whatever. Hernandez/Barnes/Hatcher are casualties on the side of t
  14. greenhat


    His BABIP was an unsustainable (even with his speed) .346. He has no power and gets on base about as much as Salty (.326 for Dee, .320 for Salty). He's a bad defender, too. His projected 2015: .256/.307/.331. For reference, everyone's favorite Solano Bro is projected for a very similar 2015 (but with fewer steals, of course): .253/.303/.338. Those "fewer steals" were worth a whole win by themselves last year. 346 is high but not that crazy for him. He's not a bad defender, he's an average defender. The same projection you used for hitting projects him as an average defender next year. I d
  15. Get him and try him as a starter. He is only making 5 mil this year and even with another big year will still be affordable next season. Worth a lot more than that even if he is a reliever the whole time. As a starter he is worth way more than that. Of course it depends what they would want.
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