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  1. Right. And now they have Denbo who hopefully will change that. Hill drafted Yelich though, didn't he?
  2. I mean, if I can sit on my couch and scratch my head at the moves, I'm thinking actual baseball people can see it as well and if he really was as bad as it appears he would not keep him around. He had no problem getting rid of Perez, Conine, Etc.... I know that's not quite the same but I really think he likes what he's heard from Mike Hill.
  3. I'm going to think positively. The comment that the team won't be competitive for another 18-19 years is crazy. I'm hoping that the reason Jeter trusts Hill is because they've had some discussions and he now knows that Hill was handcuffed and that Loria was forcing the moves. That comment from Hill plays to that, without completely throwing Loria under the bus. I'm pretty sure Jeter has enough baseball sense to see the moves "Hill" has made and wouldn't keep him if he really was that terrible.
  4. Remember he blew that game that time...
  5. You know Dean and Matt aren't related, right? Even if they were......
  6. Guys stop with the inside jokes!! You're ruining this board!!
  7. yeah, his finger hurts. He jammed it or something. He said he could have pitched in an emergency so it's probably nearly ready to go.
  8. I'm going to take this as "I'm a dick" - squall (dick)
  9. As I recall, he hit a couple long ones and got some oohs and ahhs but really didn't do very well in the contest last time he was there. I hope he does a lot better this time. .
  10. ...get the fuck off my Marlins broadcast. I don't like the way you say Realmuto and I don't like your dumb spotty head. Fuck the Yankees, and fuck you coming on here pretending you know more about OUR Marlins than we do. [ATTACH]955._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  11. You take offense??? Bahahahaha So sorry to have offended you. .
  12. Don't know if you bastages mentioned it in the game thread but I wouldn't mind these uniforms permanently. Maybe they could add a real small bit of orange somewhere but I like the blue better than the 16-color rainbow look. Discuss.....
  13. Man, you say some stupid shit sometimes.
  14. [ATTACH]731._xfImport[/ATTACH]
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