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  1. Why are we wasting time talking about the BAD teams in History? lol.
  2. Wow. Why aren't the '98 Marlins here? lol.
  3. You could...depends what you do if you ask me...
  4. Josh: It doesnt matter if he is old.Look at clemens he is 40 and pitching excellent...anyways if he doesnt pitch good he can give advice to the young pitchers in the mets.. I wrote he IS NOT ROGER CLEMENS, he can't play at this age. And there aren't many young pitchers on the mets roster...not many at all!
  5. Not necessarily Josh..check my profile..and yenta's etc... This is true. Just some, i guess. But anyway, happy birthday Marlins Girl!
  6. They have good grades, don't stay home often, why not?
  7. I sports game can NEVER qualify as the greatest game all time.... At least not yet. They are realistic...but not realistic enough. True. Favorite game, not best of all time. Best of all time, Pong! lol. J/K. Old school game, I say Duck Hunter, which is funny. Now, would be the GTA series, or Hitman. Something violent. lol.
  8. Acually, this is with parental consent. School thinks I am sick, not parent. lol.
  9. learn systems, formations, plays, everything. i know the basics, thats it. lol. im sick. cough (hookie) cough. lol.
  10. Das, he's not Roger Clemens or Nolan Ryan. The man is 40 and is trying to come and pitch for another 15+ win season. He was great at one time, he's just faded since.
  11. Das, your right. But I am starting to have to learn.
  12. Another old pitcher for the Mets...Just what they need! He won a Cy Young, but here's Cone today! :toilet
  13. Ramp, give me more credit than that! It took me 1 second of brain power to answer that question! I am pretty sure Morris had 1200 and Csonka had 1100. Seriously, the Dolphins are my MAIN team. Like, over the Marlins. I am a HUGE Dolphins fan. And I would like to prove to you all, I know my football...
  14. they just missed out, especially on Pudge, who they almost had locked up for 3 years before the Marlins came along. You say that like you didn't want Florida to swoop in and get him...? :blink: No, I simply stated a fact. You do that all the time. Maybe you shouldnt be playing hookey all the time and youd get that reading comprehension down. for one, i read at a 12th grade level, scored a six (perfect) on the FCAT writing test, and a 99 (perfect) on the FCAT Reading test. i havent played hookie in a while. sometimes u need a day off. my grades can sustain one day away from school....
  15. it was pretty hilarious :thumbs
  16. ok, sry i was wrong. lol. it was still pretty funny. i jus didn't expect to read that after all the other stuff.
  17. who is having my child? I'd hit it... :happydance :coolman LMAO! that gave me a good chuckle. i think the correct term is 'tap that'. lol.
  18. yea, wut really got me was the free flat monitor upgrade
  19. I want to know the infamous twist if whoever he picks says yes, then they get $1 mill. i heard that on the radio.....
  20. I say Nora. Do I even have to say the things that are wrong wit Sarah?
  21. lol, good pic! dude, im on a dell. u know, he persuaded me to buy mine? lol! j/k!
  22. She didn't fill in her B-day info so I would've never knew... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! women don't reveal their ages Admin, c'mon, u know this!
  23. "Dude, you're going to hell" lol! that was a good one!
  24. obviously ice age! c'mon, is this a joke? the rest should be flushed :toilet !
  25. i have to say NFL 2K3. great game.......way better than 2K2 an 1. plus, beats madden anyn day in my book.
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