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  1. they just missed out, especially on Pudge, who they almost had locked up for 3 years before the Marlins came along. You say that like you didn't want Florida to swoop in and get him...? :blink:
  2. acually i wen to a friends house. sry. EASY! Mercury Morris! both ran for 1,000 that season too! dont test me with Miami, i know A LOT about Miami.........
  3. in '85 when the won 15 games (lost to miami). and i dont know the offense for sure, but tell me.
  4. i think that i deserve some credit for jus that much! i think '67, and i no against the cowboys! maybe '66.............lol
  5. green bay, freezing tundra, starr jumps in the endzone, (not pushed.....lol) wins for green bay!
  6. i dont like the move either but Josh, did you know Erickson won 2 national titles in college football? 2 national titles are nice.......but mean ALMOST nothing in the NFL
  7. Steve is in Detroit Josh, you can't jsut hire him back and then lose money on Erickson u completley misunderstood me! i never said they should rehire Steve, jus sayin he would be better........gezzzzz!
  8. i think they should fire this new guy already...they would OBVIOUSLY be better with Steve.
  9. Corey Dillion, could swing it the third time, Curtis Martin is, not Eddie George.
  10. ok. fine. under any circumstances Manning could barely, but could swing the Hall of Fame. its my opinion. you can disagree all you want, but u won't change my mind.
  11. i still say Mora Jr. If they wanted to go offensive, I would have said Danny Green. A great West Coast offense complemented by a great offensive West Coast coach.
  12. ur making me write again! if he RETIRED, then he wouldn't make it, but if he got INJURED, he would. If its his fault, then he doesnt make it. if its not, he does. So if he does something stupid on the field to get injured (which would translate to his fault,) he would not get in. But if he develops serious hemorrhoids from constantly being slammed into the hard turf in Indy and is forced to leave the game, he gets in. Oh yea, all that makes perfect sense. < pure sarcasm in case you can not see it > . Injury or no injury, his numbers to this point do not warrent induction into the Hall. In a few years he probably will merrit that spot, but not just yet. now ur exagerating the point. there is almost no way u can stupidly injure urself ON the field. and if he did acually develope maybe, some kind of cancer to end his career, then he would still make it. but u get my point
  13. to be 100% honest, i have no idea. i was honestly talking about the NFL. i dont know s*** about college football.
  14. dont get me wrong, i LOVE football. i play the damn sport. i have extensive knowledge of it and its history. but the 49ers made a bad decision. they should have picked Mora Jr. they are like the raiders. great offensivlet already, and need the defensive coach for the next level. (vice versa for the bucs)
  15. ur making me write again! if he RETIRED, then he wouldn't make it, but if he got INJURED, he would. If its his fault, then he doesnt make it. if its not, he does.
  16. my final post here. Manning IS a Hall of Famer now, IF a tragic injury forces him out of the game. If not, then not yet. In two years he is.
  17. I DONT CARE! (no offense Admin!)
  18. Even with those low totals you have mentioned, he still led the league in passing 3 times. Well, here's my question to you. Would you put Rich Gannon in the Hall of Fame? Around those same totals in a few more years. He's a great QB, just didn't get a ring. Two time Pro Bowl MVP, one time NFL MVP. Would you do it?
  19. They are some cool jerseys.........I just found out about them. The last post was like October in this subject. LOL.
  20. Now, you may have been around longer, but I know my History. When you have the greatest offensive mind of all time as your coach, you got to pass for more than 30,000 yards in 13 years, no matter what era of football. And its not just passing yards, it TD's too. Plus, it's just the highlight reel he has. The Marino throws. He's just too good to leave out of the Hall, even if he left the league right now. He is going to get his ring in the next three years with his improved d and James back leading the league in rushing again. Think of it. James- Leader in rushing Manning- Passing Harrison- Recieving. I study in History............
  21. like D-LEE ba--BY! -Dickie V-
  22. I think he is a Hall of Famer if he ends his career now! Look at Bart Starr, never hit 30,000 yards and played 13 years or something like that. They would look at the career that would have been for him.......55,000 yards, 375 TD, 60 Comp. %. They see his stats from now and would say, he would have been one of if not the best QB of all time. He is a Hall of Famer right now. Don't try me on football, this is where I can get into it.......
  23. I think the expos should have made a run for him..........
  24. No, he doesn't put up " Nice stats", he puts up the best stats year in and out. He is a 5 year veteran who is a lock for the hall of fame. He is! The second fastest qb to 20,000 yards! Thats got to count for something! Right? Marino never did much in the playoffs anyway,plus, Manning probably has another 10 years ahead of him anyway.
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