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  1. Would you deny Marino the Hall of Fame because he didn't get a ring? NO! That's the same reason that Payton will make it. The Hall doesn't look at your playoff record or ask how many super bowls you won. If you put up the numbers, you are in Canton. Thats it. I think that Terrell Davis should be in there too. If he didn't get injured, he would still be rushing for 1500+ yards a year! The guy was a sixth round pick, and I would say the best pick past the fifth round of all time besides Zach Thomas and Jonny Unitas.
  2. Well, at the time, there was knowledge of computers. LOL. But, if they told me that it would revolutionize the face of the earth, I would have said yes (I am kind of a pushover). If he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear though, then probably not.
  3. i dont think he is an easy HOFer and he is no where near Marino... Are you crazy? Manning is going to be a 50,000 yard QB! He is already the 2nd fastest QB to 20,000 yards (Marino). He's a definate Hall of Famer, even if he gets career ending surgery he will be there. He will be the second best of all time (Marino). I mean, they are the same QB! Both drop back guys who stay in the pocket, with the beautiful spiral deep bullet that goes just over every defenders head and right into the reciver's arms. He is the next Marino. Statistically the best in the NFL since his second season! But no ring.....
  4. I thought it was funny as hell! It really is like our batboy calling out Luis Castiollio for not stealing enough bases. I mean, Manning is an easy Hall of Famer. He hasn't thrown for 4000+ yards only once, and he is a 5 year veteran. Plus, the year that he didn't, he was a rookie with 3700 yards. Come on, this is the stupidist callout in the history of sports. They guy is almost Dan Marino for god sakes!
  5. Well, it is obvious that it is the East. Three teams will compete for it in the east, then there is the division leader.
  6. I agree. I think that if you put Joe Torre on the Marlins, he would have no idea what to do with the team.
  7. a game or two vs four games.... big deal. Inter-league play like the DH is a gimmick. You either need to fully integrate the leagues with the same rules or keep them seperate save for the All Star game and the World Series. What! Big deal! 4 games a year in the NFL is 1/4 of the damn season! Thats a big deal!
  8. You couldn't be more uninformed about the NFC-AFC games! I am a Dolphins fan and they must have played at least four NFC teams this year!
  9. I dissagree. I think the whole poin of the inner-league play is that each league gets a taste of the other. If we don't have the DH, then every team should be able to play each other throughout the whole year, not just at one time.
  10. ~Columnist JC~

    Pro Bowl

    Pat Sutain (sur-TAN) this week said that he is not healthy, saying that he would not be in the pro bowl. Taking his place, now 4-time pro bowler Sam Madison. Do you think Madison should be a Pro Bowler this year, or is he making it under reputation?
  11. That is a good point, Inner League play would be a lot more dull.........
  12. Yes. If they are such amazing athletes, why not be a complete athlete, like Mike Hampton in 2001! 10+ HR, .289! That is an athlete, no matter what ballpark you play in!
  13. I think that the DH is a horrible thing! Pitchers are athletes too! They should be able to hit! But, I think that as long as the DH sticks, they should add it to the NL, to be fair.
  14. Admin, I think that this was a very insightful piece, and I couldn't agree more on all of your predictions. I think that you are on on everything you said. Beautiful.
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