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  1. Out of the new arms in the pen last night, Bleier looked good to me, but he also has success at this level. Could be a very nice get. Hoyt is a concern. I think he is going to struggle. Got away with a few hangers and certainly got a very generous strike 3 call.
  2. I say test the Braves visitors locker room. Probably did not disinfect, or the Atlanta hotel. We were 100% negative for three weeks while working out in Miami. Heard an ESPN late night radio host blaming Miami and the "irresponsible" Marlins for risking baseball's re-opening. No proof, he was just being an a...hole.
  3. Sounds like Jeter is saying, "we got this from other teams and cities". Damn Braves.
  4. Well, then me and 15 others are affected getting charged monthly. The choices gave me a headache, so I just ignored it. It's a partial season plan anyway and it will be a partial season. I will go and get partial orders of fries and a partial beer and be content when things start.
  5. Wouldn't that be something. Jeter can then say he brought back the WS to Miami in just 3 years. Mission accomplished. Also, great for the S Florida economy. .
  6. Really, Mish is "stunned". After EVERYTHING else on the planet has been canceled and baseball finally joins in he is stunned. Surprised it happened. Of course, he could have been off world until yesterday and not aware of what has been happening. I doubt anyone breathing was stunned with yesterdays announcement.
  7. I note that all the talk is about the more recent additions but I have a bias that the media seems to ignore one guy that may leap above the bigger names, and that is Jerar. Been watching this beast get better each year. He is one of the few signed by the old regime. The article did not even mention him in the outfield discussion.
  8. Two guys who do not like each other playing in the sandbox. Not sure I take either side.
  9. Hey, it is free, but they are still requesting that you get tickets from the website.
  10. Sounds like a wine review. A good balance of blueberry overtones and a slight scent of raspberry. Delicate but not too light.
  11. 5 yrs 125 million and extend Chen
  12. Glad to see Heineman got kept. If he can duplicate his 2018 numbers, he is a good backup to have. Noesi-ehh.
  13. No way does Alfaro deserve to be in the same sentence with Brinson.
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