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  1. If Donnie said about Isan "..we're excited to see him out there", no one left would take him seriously again.
  2. Clearly, we win the trade. I have refreshed this multiple times and he has yet to miss hitting the ball solidly.
  3. You mean like expecting him to go to the mound and get people out.
  4. This would not be a PR move by Jeter, but guys, this is a huge PR move based on the fact that for the past few hours this is all that is being talked about on MLB radio, and I assume on the TV network. Massive positive everything about the hiring, from the historic aspect, to the pure quality of the hiring and her qualifications to everything about the Marlins organization from top to bottom. It is all covered and the stain of the Loria years (with Samson) is clearly been removed. How this affects player desires to consider Miami, we do not know and she is known for being a really good and
  5. From what I have seen, you can only stream if you have fuboTV.
  6. So, what has been the rainfall amount since 2 PM in Chicago?
  7. Would love to see Angel Hernandez
  8. Absolutely about giving the Sox the exclusive market. At least we start the series (assuming we win this WC) on Tuesday, putting Sandy, Sixto and Pablo in line. Going to be a bit nippy if it is Friday night
  9. This is all about market ratings. Sox play at 3 today and that would split the market, presumably.
  10. Darn. Probably won't rain that much. Looking at the forecast and radar, looks like scattered fast moving showers. https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap?radar=1&wxstn=0&wxstnmode=tw Overly cautious. Would hate to push to Saturday then have to squeeze the pitching staff.
  11. This brings to mind the matter of the home plate ump. Yesterday was one of the more consistent performances from a HP ump I have seen recently. They have been, overall, horrible around the league. Nibbling and not getting the calls on the edges forces more pitches to the middle. So, hopefully, we jump out ahead and just fire away when the shadows start creeping in. Can't hit a 100 mph fastball when you can't see it.
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