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  1. So nice to have a catcher that knows the bat is supposed to hit the ball
  2. When Alex Jackson fouls a ball it is considered a quality at bat
  3. Then there was the trade that can be described as one of the best and worst at the same time. Gary Sheffield coming here to be a catalyst for the 97 championship. The opposite is we traded a young Trevor Hoffman who would go on to the hall of fame. Yet, it was a trade that both sides won. We would never have kept Hoffman in the sell off.
  4. Having a consistent high ranking minor league system is the goal. Except, as good as it is, ranking wise, have you seen the overall batting average throughout the organization? Cause for concern as we will continue the process in perpetuity.
  5. another powerful swing by Sierra.
  6. I just got charged my monthly assessment for my season tickets and to think I am paying for this and half of a AAA lineup. It's like let's throw a bunch of crap in a blender and see what comes out.
  7. Really have to be tired of Sierra and his weak swings. Enough.
  8. Really, what kind of reply do you expect? Of course, the answer is "Bonefish Grill". Such a straight man.
  9. Not for sure, but since he is under control, no rush to trade him at this time.
  10. DH comes to NL next season. Room for him.
  11. Besides, the more people that we have on the team named Jesus, will be good
  12. Competence in Jeter cannot be solely measured based on getting what he needs from the FO or else he can blame the franchise, the fan base etc. That would be a cop out because there are other franchises with low fan attendance, low financial output that are successful-Tampa, Oakland quickly comes to mind as consistent success. So, what would be his argument? " I need a lot of money to be like the Yankees and Red Sox and a packed stadium or don't blame me". Still does not indicate that Jeter is really interested in winning or not, he may well be, but excuses will not cut it just because he is a HOF'er.
  13. In his deal- a big bonus if there was a bottom line profit. Well, that works out well if no big contracts are given and all the money from the new tv deal and naming rights are included. It's called motivation. There is no bonus for winning, just profits. If we win, well, just a nice add on. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2018/01/08/derek-jeter-will-get-big-bonuses-if-the-marlins-turn-a-profit/
  14. Also, never buy a jersey or t-shirt with a players name
  15. the JT trade not looking real good. Alfaro can't hit anything, Sixto can't stay healthy and Will Stewart-who?
  16. Bally661 for TV. Ballet for radio
  17. Until Donnie gets ejected 4 games in a row. Not like we need him there. But as biased as my eyes are, the strike and ball calls are way biased against us. Last night was a particular shit storm with Cuzzi behind the plate.
  18. Bally556 for June 30
  19. Good one for in our home he is "easy out" Diaz
  20. Oveido is a hall of fame ACE
  21. Let's me say this now, screw the umps
  22. Ng still evaluating him.
  23. She said absolutely nothing except setting the record for using"in terms of" over and over.
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