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  1. haha the marlins are on foxsports and no fox sports net had HD
  2. thats way way in advance lol
  3. is anyone going to be at the marlins vs. braves game on tuesday the 22nd out of the 20,000 that will show up anyone from here ? im about 10 rows up from home plate
  4. cape great site the picks of roger dean stadium are a little out of date ( not to be a jerk ) all the bleacher seats in the pic are not regular seats and they added bleachers at the left field corner of the park. i got there often so any other info you want let me know
  5. FYI, the "heir apparent's" name is Kelly Shoppach. kelly shppach is untouchable the sox wont trade him for anything really unless an awesome deal comes along he will take over for veritek for next season
  6. players always say they want to stay with the team they are with but love money more then the fans
  7. i heard he should be back soon in the newspaper this mourning
  8. its terrible for any injury to take a player out of a sport because of it being so seroius hopefully he can rebound
  9. peirre4prez


    your tellng me im so sick of the yankees ( now being sponsored by BALCO ) getting all the best players and winning most years it gets old watching them buy players and trade for good players. And nomar is one of the best short stops in the league so in reality he doesnt " suck " you just dont like them
  10. heads up for UM in the CWS they play UF saturday sunday and monday if needed
  11. im new to marlins but live 15 minutes from the jupiter hammerheads and much to my surpise you guys had an awesome hitter in will smith ut traded him to texas fr ugi but he will be great in a couple more years
  12. hey guys this is my first post. i watched chad fox as a red sox in the biggening of the 2003 season and i got t tell you he was far less impressive for the sox then when he played on the marlins last season he was very inconsistant with his outings along with the intire bullpen but it amazing how a change of scenery for a pitcher can tur his season around like it did for chad fox. the marlins got the best out of him they could get and ended up having a great bullpen with other former red sox player Ugi urbina
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