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Chad Fox

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this sucks. I'm just concerned that with so many teams at .500 or close to it, we may have to pay a huge premium for a good set up man. A lot of teams are going to be looking for bullpen depth before the trade deadline. Oh well, maybe Beinfest will be able to work some magic.

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I came in here to ask the same question about Fox. We're on the same mental wave Juanky. We need Fox now!


That is a real fox on your sig!


In Fin Heaven (www.finheaven.com) forum I have Sofia Vergara:




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By the way, I am A&O in the above Dolphin forum.


OFF TOPIC now switches back to true topic...Chad Fox.


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hey guys this is my first post.

i watched chad fox as a red sox in the biggening of the 2003 season and i got t tell you he was far less impressive for the sox then when he played on the marlins last season he was very inconsistant with his outings along with the intire bullpen but it amazing how a change of scenery for a pitcher can tur his season around like it did for chad fox. the marlins got the best out of him they could get and ended up having a great bullpen with other former red sox player Ugi urbina

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I dont mean to be a buzzkill but come on fellaz. just admit it he will never pitch again, at least effectively... He's all ready had two surgery's and this would be his third visit to andrews thats two too many. sadly his career is over. at least thats what i say.

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