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  1. Well, I’m not really that much of an NHL fan. But still, congratulations to the other Florida hockey team for winning the Stanley Cup! This could be a fun year for Florida professional sports teams overall, with Tampa Bay winning the NHL championship, Heat are in the finals, Tampa Bay Rays and Marlins are both in the playoffs, the Buccaneers have Tom Brady and Gronk.. and the Dolphins, well, still early in the season. 😂
  2. The position of minor league catching coordinator was eliminated.. it can only mean one thing.. Marlins aren’t too concerned about developing any catching prospects for the next few years.. Because.. JT is returning. 😂
  3. I guess I should say that on closer look Games 2 and 3 are scheduled for ESPN/TBS, so that probably will be determined by Tuesday evening, I would imagine.. Well, either way, at this point I wouldn’t care if the games are on ESPN, TBS or the Home Shopping Network.. as long as the Fish are in the playoffs! 😂
  4. Looks like just 7 players on the Marlins active roster have some playoff experience. Jesus Aguilar (2018 - Milwaukee Brewers) - Career - 10 Games - 8 for 37 - .216/2HR/5 RBI Matt Joyce (2010, 2011, 2013 - Tampa Bay Rays, 2019 - Atlanta Braves) - Career - 17 Games - 6 for 42 - .143/1 HR/4 RBI Starling Marte (2013, 2014, 2015 - Pittsburgh Pirates) - Career - 8 Games, 4 for 32 - .125/1 HR/1 RBI Miguel Rojas (2014 - LA Dodgers) - Career - 1 Game, 0 for 1 Stephen Tarpley (2018 - NY Yankees) - Career - 1 Game, 1 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1
  5. Hahahaha. Ask anyone under say 25, what are bunny ears behind the tv, majority of them will give a blank stare.. maybe the only ones who will know had parents who never got cable.
  6. Hmm.. According to Joe Frisaro’s article just Game 1 will be on ABC and Games 2 and 3 are scheduled to be on ESPN. https://www.mlb.com/marlins/news/marlins-vs-cubs-nl-wild-card-2020-game-1-faq
  7. Heat made it to to Finals! One of the best weekends for Miami sports in a long time!
  8. My final comparison of the 2003 and 2020 regular season.. In the Marlins final series in 2003, they played the NY Mets.. They won the game on that Friday 4-3 and clinched a playoff spot. They lost the game on Saturday 9-3. They won the game on Sunday 4-0. In the Marlins final series in 2020, they played the NY Yankees. They won the game on that Friday 4-3 and clinched a playoff spot. The lost the game on Saturday 11-4 They won the game on Sunday 5-0.
  9. Daniel Castano may have just cemented a spot as an MLB starter next season.. With the Marlins, or somewhere else..
  10. Dan Castano seems to love pitching in New York.. I commented earlier bringing up his 4-2/3 inning shutout performance in NY vs. the Mets back on August 25th.
  11. Just once.. September 23rd, 2018. Marlins won against the Reds 6-0.. Wallach had 3 hits including a HR.
  12. I'm telling you guys.. Next season: 3B - Rojas SS - Jazz 2B - Berti 1B - Aguilar LF - Brinson CF - Marte RF - Brian Anderson Corey Dickerson traded for All star relief pitcher.. 😂
  13. The biggest issue I have with Paul and Holly is that their tone of voice sounds so similar.. The first few games I watched with both of them, I had a hard time telling which voice was which.. It's nice to have some contrast in voice tones from the Play by play guy and the color commenter.. It's also nice to have color commentary guy who can give some valuable insights and isn't too annoying all the time.. Do a trade of Holly and Glen Geffner! Or bring back Boog Sciambi to the Fish!
  14. Those announcers think they are so clever with the Jazz hands line.. Here at this forum we were making Jazz hand jokes by Jazz's second game..
  15. Yes you're absolutely right.. My mistake.. Sorry. 😅
  16. 2006 was definitely the second greatest season in Marlins history so far.. Let's see where this 2020 season will end up!
  17. A better comparison to Brian Anderson would be Aaron Boone.. Similar build and power.. Although Boone played for the Marlins back in 2007 so it doesn't count. 😂
  18. "Game 6 tonight against the Celtics is tonight." - Paul Severino
  19. Jazz reminds me of Marlins 1997 era Edgar Renteria, but with more pop in his swing..
  20. Castano has that nice start back on August 25th in NY vs. the Mets, with 4-2/3 shutout innings.. Let's see if he can have another strong performance vs. the other NY team.
  21. Damn.. For all the fun we make about Urena.. He was actually not that terrible today. It would be sad to see him going to the IL..
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