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  1. That ending tonight, oh my goodness. That crowd was incredible for that. Go Rhode Island! I'm glad that they ended him being a part of the Wyatts. I'm wondering if Bryan will be in the Rumble or if he will have a singles match at the PPV? Right now its the Rumble, Lesnar vs Big Show and Cena vs Orton. Usually they have around 4 matches in addition to the Rumble Match. Maybe a Divas Match? What else could they do?
  2. Agreed. A lot of people seem to be going nuts and making s*** up about it. "Oh it's $10 a month and $10 more for PPVs and $5 more if you wanna watch RAW every week," and I'm like, "wtf?" I'm sure we'll hear all about it during the next 5 or 6 Monday night raws. They'll make it clear that the $9.99 includes PPVs. The last few years I've gotten Wrestlemania, Extreme Rules and Summerslam. The network will end up saving me over $100 over the next six months, so I'm quite happy about that.
  3. The network has a six month commitment, so it'll cost you $60 for 6 months. Even if you don't like it after that period, you will still have gotten 6 PPVs (including Wrestlemania and Summerslam) for the price of one. If you wait until March 22 to sign up, your six month period will cover 7 PPVs. Seems like a no brainer if you are a wrestling fan.
  4. The network seems like its going to be awesome. $9.99 a month and you get every PPV including Wrestlemania. If you already order 2 PPVs a year, then you are already paying $120 a year.
  5. They also spoiled another return tonight through their Smackdown taping yesterday. Awesome! Hopefully this means he is in the rumble. However, a fatal 4 way match between Orton, Cena, Bryan and Lesnar would also be awesome. Well if you hadn't read the spoiler of Friday's show, it wouldn't have been spoiled.
  6. Looks like they are setting up Orton vs Cena vs Bryan at Rumble, which I think will be good. Assuming HBK is coming back for one more match, I'd have him cost Bryan the match and have Orton retain. Lesnar wins the Rumble and challeges Orton at Wrestlemania. At elimination chamber, HHH costs Punk the match against Orton and sets up their match at Mania. Wrestlemnia XXX: Cena vs Undertaker Lesnar vs Orton for the WWE championship Punk vs HHH Bryan vs HBK I don't think the WWE can do better than that. Having the Lesnar vs Orton match for the championship elevates it to the level of the other three. There would be four matches on the card that could potentially headline the show.
  7. I'm fine with Orton winning last night. I'm interested to see where they go with it. Orton vs Cena cant happen at Wrestlemania now can it? Orton vs Bryan happened 3 times in the last few months. I assume it'll be CM Punk vs Orton at Rumble. I could see HHH getting involved in that match and that could start HHH vs CM Punk.
  8. I feel old... Ransom Everglades High School 2000 Stonehill College 2004 Suffolk University (Masters) 2006 University of Rhode Island (2nd Masters) 2010
  9. That ending was awesome. I had ZERO interest in the PPV before that. Who would have thought one segment could change everything. So many possibilities came from that segment. Cena turning heal? Punk vs HHH, Bryan vs HBK? If they got HBK to come out of retirement, this would be my Wrestlemania card: Cena (champion) vs Undertaker Punk vs HHH HBK vs Bryan Orton vs Lesnar Sheamus vs Ryback Goldust vs Cody Can't do Cena Taker for the title. That means Cena would have to beat the streak since Taker isn't going to be a full timer The reason I like Cena as Champion, is because there will be doubt as to who will win. If Undertaker wins, they can just have a tournament at the next PPV and crown a new champion. I suppose another option would be to have Orton as champion facing Lesnar. That would help elevate that match as it would probably get lost in the shuffle without the belt.
  10. That ending was awesome. I had ZERO interest in the PPV before that. Who would have thought one segment could change everything. So many possibilities came from that segment. Cena turning heal? Punk vs HHH, Bryan vs HBK? If they got HBK to come out of retirement, this would be my Wrestlemania card: Cena (champion) vs Undertaker Punk vs HHH HBK vs Bryan Orton vs Lesnar Sheamus vs Ryback Goldust vs Cody
  11. In two weeks they'll be gearing up for Royal Rumble and the road to Wrestlemania. Hopefully things will get better. I'm just happy they are doing Cena vs Orton now and not at Wrestlemania.
  12. I wonder where they are going to go if they unify the titles? I hope they go through with it because I hate the fact they have two. I'm assuming they'll also be a rematch at Rumble between Cena and Orton.
  13. It was a lot of fun going live, but the PPV was downright terrible. The best part wasn't even aired... when John Cena was challenging the authority to get into the ring and fight him. Triple H took off his jacket and was going to go fight him and then Vince came out. He stopped Triple H and took his own jacket off ready to fight Cena.
  14. I'm sure it will be fun to be there. I am just not looking forward to any of the matches. Is it possible that Big Show walks away with the WWE championship? If he does, I think HHH takes the title from him at Royal Rumble.
  15. Killer tasting. I'll have to read up about Pappy Black Magick to see what that is. I had Kopi Barrel Aged Speedway a week ago and it was one of the best beers of the year for sure.
  16. The Survivor Series card looks really bad. I kind of regret buying tickets. Oh well.
  17. I'm not the biggest Melange 3 fan, but it's growing on me. I've had it like 4 times now, and I've ticked up my rating from like a 2/5 to a 3.3-ish. (I try to curve strictly to a 3 average.) I LOVED Chocolate Rain. One of my favorite beers ever. I thought it outclassed Black Tuesday at a side-by-side. We had Melange 3 there, too, which I easily ranked 3rd out of the 3 in that group. Grey Monday sounds awesome. I'm going to Vermont on Friday. Woot! Nice! Don't bother stopping at Alchemist... I'm going to try and get another bottle of Chocolate Rain and do a Black Tuesday, Grey Monday, and Chocolate Rain tasting.
  18. I grabbed a 6'er of Celebration the other day, as well. Just last night went to a local bar that had a Bruery tap takeover. I got on draft Melange No. 3, Humulus Lager, and Or Xata. They also had Kuhnhenn Double Rice IPA, which was awesome. How was Melange No 3? I had Chocolate Rain a few weeks ago and thought it was good, just a little sweet. I have a Grey Monday coming in trade, so I'm excited for that.
  19. Sierra Nevada's Celebration is available, really good seasonal IPA if you haven't tried it before. I don't love all their offerings but this has been a favorite. Just picked up a 6 last night, hard to beat that for $8.50. Hops so fresh I had to bump the thread. Yum. Sierra Nevada might be my favorite brewery in terms of the amount of good offerings they put out. Celebration, Narwhal, Bigfoot, Pale Ale, Torpedo, Harvest Ale, etc... Not only is all of their beer really good, its priced well and relatively accessible for everywhere.
  20. Why did Cena win last night? What was the point? It'll be interesting to see where they go with Punk, Bryan and the Wyatts. I'm assuming we'll get Orton vs Big Show for the title at Survivor Series?
  21. Assuming the WWE doesn't sign Sting, Austin, Rock or someone else, here is my idea for Wrestlemania. Cena beat Del Rio for the WHC. They can have a rematch at Survivor Series. At Royal Rumble Lesnar beats Cena for the WHC. CM Punk wins the Chamber to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Orton wins the belt at Hell in a Cell. At TLC, HHH wins the belt in controversial fasion. Bryan wins the Rumble. HHH vs Bryan for the WWE championship. Then we have Cena facing the Undertaker, but I'm not sure yet how the story would be. So the main matches would be: Bryan vs HHH Lesnar vs Punk Cena vs Undertaker
  22. They should get rid of night of champions and battleground. Those two have been/are basically filler ppvs. Looks like Hell in a Cell will have: Orton vs Bryan HHH vs Big Show (hopefully also in a cell) Cena vs Del Rio Punk vs ???
  23. I'm hoping we'll finally be getting a war games match (since the DVD went on sale recently). Its setting up perfectly with Orton and the Shield vs Bryan, Ziggler, Show and Henry. Its an easy way to continue all the feuds without having to worry title changes. They could even do it at the the hell in a cell ppv.
  24. This nice thing about last night is that it sets up: Bryan vs Orton Bryan vs Orton vs Cena Bryan vs HHH Three new matches. Where do they go with Lesnar? I'd actually like to see Lesnar beat the WWE champion at Royal Rumble and set up CM Punk (rumble winner) vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Assuming, Steve Austin isnt coming back.
  25. Thought Summerslam was great. Will they sign Batista and do Evolution again? I'm just happy that Cena lost clean.
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