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  1. ok i guess nobody is welcomed here that knows him,i'll go now
  2. he told me to say that dont worry about him typing anything on here anymore he's just going to look from time to time,I read all that stuff about him and i cant say he played for U.OF.F but he did play somewhere cause thats how he got the money to open up this place.
  3. jrHEMI's alter-ego has arrived! 704836[/snapback] no i work for him,there's like 10 computers hooked up at his company i like baseball and he told me about this forum
  4. Ambrosio am more into the latin tan chiks 704812[/snapback] Sounds Italian to me. 704816[/snapback] my bad,some guy had messioned that she was from brazil
  5. he's young and has a live arm,yes he's messed up more than once but he's a kid and kid's make dumb mistakes,i say they give him another shot but on a tight leach
  6. Ambrosio am more into the latin tan chiks
  7. i really dont belive in ghost but after i took a ghost tour in keywest and in georgia i now have changed my mind about a couple of things.You guys have to see that Doll out in keywest,it looks at you and people have said that they have seen it change it's face
  8. it would be nice to finally see the big guy out there but i agree its spring training no need to rush this guy,imagine we rush him and it cost us the season or a long stint on the DL
  9. i belive that Juan still has a chance to have a great career,he's still young has power and a cannon for an arm,he just needs to find a home and start putting up some numbers.
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