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  1. We shouldn't think that everything that happens is a terrorist attack...so don't live with that fear.
  2. 1truefan

    Is it magic?

    Um...it didn't work..lol.
  3. I thought you said penny was hard to get...... Das I agree with you... I think they are all easy to get and there's not set list...that's just my opinion...
  4. Lowell read post above....D. Lee signs like crazy too...ask nicely and you'll receive.
  5. Finally there is someone smart enough to do that! the marlins should do this to brad penny and Pudge! They never sign especially penny although he is signing way more than last year. Thats very good what the d-backs owner is doing. That is a great way to be with players and meeting them... Oh btw, I'm not sure if you remember this, you might have too young (like 6 or 7), but do you remember the Autograph Sunday's where tables were setup by Gate D and there were four players at the tables signing autographs to the first 600 (then changed to 400) fans? I know they got rid of that, but I know that the Marlins still have Family Sunday's. You can take a picture with a player and/or Billy. There's another thing called Bullpen buddies, that's an opportunity for kids 42" under to get autographs in the bullpen. But putting these programs aside...I think that the best thing that one as a fan could do, is show these players that you care. like I mentioned before if you look blah at them, they'll look back the same. Show them interest...see them as your friends....oh..and one thing...don't scream out AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ 24/7, because that annoys the hell out of them. Be nice....think of how you would feel if you were a player and you had someone doing one the above mentioned things...How would you feel?
  6. AGon has signed a lot of stuff for me...I think it's just the way you approach the player...if you look not really interested and like about him, then that's what you get....As with Penny, in 2001, he wasn't really the "autograph signer", but in 2002 he was...Pudge, wow, really don't think he's the most difficult guy out there to get, might be one of the easiest.
  7. 1truefan

    Contest Ideas

    lol...I don't remember.... pick a fish rings a bell, but I'm not going to lie to you...I don't remember...
  8. 1truefan

    Contest Ideas

    That would be more or less like what we had last season. You picked three fish and whoever had the most combined points (homeruns, rbis, hits) won.
  9. Just wanted to know if anyone is watching the finale tonight?
  10. Who cares? No one, not even NASA owns planets. I cant believe this even needs to be explained. Lowell...I was replying to this....
  11. I hope all you notherners are weathering the storm..Can anyone send me some snow? (
  12. All you notherns are going to hate me for this....Mind you I got a nice burn this weekend from going to the FIU/Siena games...I wish you all the best up there. High / Low (?F) Precip. % Tonight Feb 16 Partly Cloudy 64? 10 % Mon Feb 17 PM T-Storms 80?/56? 50 % Tue Feb 18 Partly Cloudy 76?/57? 0 % Wed Feb 19 Partly Cloudy 79?/60? 20 % Thu Feb 20 Partly Cloudy 81?/62? 20 % Fri Feb 21 Partly Cloudy 82?/61? 20 % Sat Feb 22 Scattered T-Storms 80?/50? 30 % Sun Feb 23 Partly Cloudy 73?/51? 10 % Mon Feb 24 Partly Cloudy 75?/52? 0 % Tue Feb 25 Partly Cloudy 77?/54? 0
  13. DT- I'm not even going to go there....lol Sad that an explanation is needed...I agree Ross.
  14. Invalid Item The item you requested ( 2911757389 ) is invalid, still pending, or no longer in our database. Please check the number and try again. If this message persists, the item has either not started and is not yet available for viewing, or has expired and is no longer available. I guess it's gone :unsure :
  15. I highly recommend seeing that lil movie that cgator posted....it will give you the chills....
  16. Wow...thank you cgator....that's very touching... :crying
  17. During Victorian times, it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine's Day card. Oopsie...
  18. should never of been done. I agree...immoral (sp?)
  19. And I thought that selling the xbox boxes were bad :plain
  20. I voted for :mischief2 because he's eviiiiillllllll, but at the same time it seems like he's thinking....
  21. lol...sarah the bondage chic I voted for nora.... I want to know the infamous twist.....it's either 1.) he really has the money 2.) he goes for one of the other chics that he dismissed before. 3.) He's gay.
  22. Hells no...LILO AND STITCH......
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