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  1. Hay, because it became a one sided poll...lol
  2. you think that is why they lost the damn battle? what can i say, i have been 'away from the earth' for a few years now, maybe my people lost because the rules of engagement changed, i dont know, it was always a bit confusing as to why i lost and couldnt win, shocking. as far as my spanish, its not spoken where i have been, so pardon me if i am out of practice. lol...pero untalented no es una palabra en espanol hijo. That's probably the reason why you lost...noone could understand you..
  3. Even though I know who you are General.... You should really look for a better translator man. You are killing it with that horrible spanish...Untalented in the middle of a sentence...WOW...Sin comentarios, tuvistes que ser tu....No quiero mencionar nombres I'm surprised...especially since you said that you led an Army, well, I doubt you could have led it with that horrible spanish. They probably didn't understand a word of what you were saying. De todos modos, el futbol no es la sensacion que tu describes. Vamos dejarlo en esto, para gustos se han hecho colores...respeta la opinion de nosotros....y no comas tanta catividia.
  4. I can tell you do.... Well technically it is beer...The color doesn't matter. As for the Smirnoff, they also make vodka play...
  5. Hey........A mi el futbol no me gusta para nada. Cada vez que veo un juego me duermo de lo aburrida que estoy. Mi deporte favorito es la pelota...Por esa razon, no creo que es justo que yo vote por las opciones que usted puso en su enquesta.
  6. After rebates and all that good stuff. $1,499.99 I'm liking xp better.
  7. I can happily say that now i use both XP and ME....lol...I got my laptop so yay.... wooo hooooo!!!! :lol :w00t Link to Product Specifications
  8. Yeah..if you look at the back of the bottle it says "Flavored beer" so yeah...it's beer..lol.
  9. Ricky Williams....thank you..
  10. I'd have to say Smirnoff Ice!!
  11. 1truefan

    Roll Call

    HELLO.........you guys don't know me?! After forever!!! lol...
  12. I have ME.....and might be getting XP with a new comp or laptop soon.
  13. You're what they call a "closer" ? a seal-the-deal person with a can-do attitude. Charming and charismatic, you can talk anybody into doing anything. In other words, you'd make a perfect VP of Sales. Your focus and positive outlook make you a natural at convincing others to see your point of view. And not only are you extroverted and friendly, you know how to finesse any situation so you come out ahead. That's because you can schmooze with the best of them when the situation calls for it. Trust us, that's a good thing. The world will never stop needing people who can make things happen. No doubt about it, there's a promotion in your future. So keep up the good work!
  14. Marisel, you're driven by what's hot now Talk about in the know. You're on top of the current trends, even if the current trends are throwbacks to days past. You know the latest lingo and can probably rattle off a list of movies that are currently showing in the theaters, as well as the latest "it" place to grab a bite after the show. Chances are, you pay attention to the news and current events, too. Basically, you're on top of your game. You can change with the times and are on to the next best thing before others even know what hit them. Read more about the car that matches your personality... So what's the perfect car companion, the vehicle to fit your hot lifestyle? Maybe it's the new Beetle or the Mini Cooper. Or maybe your interested eyes should be falling on the new breed of transforming trucks like the Chevy Avalanche. Aren't you ready for the next big thing? Then get ready for a test drive. Just click here to get a quote on the new and used cars that are right for you. You could be riding with a new style before you know it!
  15. Marisel, your sense of humor is Goofy Humor You have your standards: They may be low, but at least you have them. Sure subtle wit makes some people grin and say, "Now that's funny." But you know the Three Stooges makes people howl with laughter. It's the physical stuff, the poop jokes and funny voices, that get you going because you have a goofy sense of humor. You have no problem making a fool of yourself as long as your moves to "fake" a fall break the ice and make people feel comfortable
  16. ^^^Maintains this kick booty board and let's us mess around like this^^^ (Pssst. Just the purple teletubby...inside joke between Max and I. lol)
  17. ^^^^Had a care bear in his pic last week^^^ Did you know....lol...that that was my favorite care bear, hence why he was chosen.
  18. ^^^ Seems to like Epcot...or something there of^^^
  19. 1truefan

    Star Guide

    uh oh..Admin...he used your :mischief watch out!
  20. (PSST..Who ended up moving this topic) So nene...will you provide updates on your testing???
  21. By the way, I choose the Xbox. As the matter of fact.....Max is a Xbox live beta tester...so expect news from him later.
  22. Psst...I'm confused on this..this could have in the games forum tooo........loooooooooool. sorry..it's just funny. :lol
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