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  1. Can you guys hear him? We need to make trumpet guy our new organ player. Trumpet Guy for president
  2. Dobbs! another one hit deep...woulda been exciting in another park! i still like ours though.
  3. yeah seats are dead. i wonder when they'll start consolidating upper deck seating to certain sections to save on payroll.
  4. This isn't a thread about hating Loria, Satans own spawn, I'm just sayin it looks like god damn amateur night
  5. I still think there's a medical/trainer/conditioning problem. Polanco and ruggiano have strained backs, LoMo won't be ready in time for the start. Anyone still on the medical/trainer staff needs the boot boat? There seem to be weir ass problems all over. Broken collarbones, Stanton getting brained, cutting fingers on pitching machines. A look through google news feeds even reveals that one of our minor leaguers is on a 50 game suspension for refusing to test for drugs, and another just went to jail for domestic disturbances! THE FUCK IS GOING ON! It's like a circus. Like there's no vision or standards or plan or anything.
  6. Loria is a crook. he's a not forthcoming with information regarding his finances, is shit at running a ballclub, regularly breaks promises, shits on the fans, has already destroyed one MLB franchise, and above all he's fat. and wears red sunglasses. I hate him. everyone else should too. He's a dumbass and needs to get out of town.
  7. I think it'll help not being under the magnifying glass.
  8. It's a clean slate! New opportunity! I see.... The playoffs. That's right. Every season I see the playoffs. Go fish!
  9. I didn't see it. If the PR guy wrapped it up though and Loria was willing to answer another question maybe that's a good sign Loria doesn't usually give people such a wide reign
  10. wow so it was cut short, okay, why call one if you're not ready for the heat? hand picked reporters and all.
  11. Is there truth to that? Anyone know?
  12. The story on the local news is that Loria cut the press conference short
  13. This board is filled with so many FO sympathizers that they either are the FO themselves or work for them. Loria doesn't give a shit about the fans. He likes to fire people. There is a long, long documented history of this behavior. The letter is a nice touch, if anything I'd say he hired some good PR people. But it still doesn't acknowledge the litany of poor draft choices, strings of firings/dismissals, and a pool of comments by players colleagues and peers that when taken as a whole paint a picture of a self absorbed compulsive douche salesman. He's a fat fuck.
  14. We suck Nobody cares Can't wait for opening day. Who's gonna throw out the first pitch? Hopefully something better.
  15. I have a feeling people didn't show up because we stank like a box of dirty socks
  16. Great way to generate interest in the MLB, showcase the most disrespected, hated team.
  17. I wonder how much of an influence western individualism has on the thought process of psychopaths justifying mass murder-suicide as the final solution?
  18. Consumers don't need access to assault rifles, 80 round magazines, or automatic weapons.
  19. Favorite iOS apps: Cinemagram - imagine instagram meets the moving portraits in harry potter. ESPN scorecenter Evernote - take notes on ipad, pc, mac, etc. and because of your acct. with evernote they're already on your other platform. Though it does take manual transcription out of note taking...which can sometimes hurt studying (since you're not repeating the info as much) Skyview - just awesome, see what you're looking at in the stars, with a nifty interface that overlays the cosmos ontop of your real world surroundings.
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