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  1. we stink. braves lost again lol whod they play
  3. DID HE JUST BUNT :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead
  4. yea we all want dallas but jakes heating up and would start unless he gets traded so dallas would have 2 wait 4 injury or 4 jake to really f***s up wit management hell prob be up in late august or spetermber
  5. Why not make a deal for one of seattles C (Suzuki or clement) and Ichiro to play RF or CF. Maybe- and i like the guy- Hermida (i like) Tucker (i like) Andino and a low A player with high ceiling I'm sure Ichiro would be the best leadoff in the NL, with Ramirez at 2nd or 3rd behind him. Can't pitch around ichiro if ramirez and uggla are behind him. Set that table for the big bats. We cant even afford ichiros contract and they wouldnt think of trading him same with jojima
  6. keep tucker give tank a shot tonight nd if he f***s up again AAA 4 him tuck and roll keeps a spot or keep giving oppertunities to people in the pen who havent done as great and see whos goof enough to stay
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