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Guest Juanky

Some of his stuff was on the mark. But you can't trust it anymore because people now a days suck and will try to take advantage of this to either scare the public, draw them into panic and frenzy, or sell them a T-Shirt.

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exactly juanky, some fanatics twist his prophecies in order for fear, not knowing that they are adding to terror


yet, his quatraints, while very vague, tell of most important historcal dates


remember he lived in a time where planes, mass weaponry, atomic bombs, etc were a technological miracle

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It's all garbage.


Whenever "scholars" take ancient writings and try to interpret them literally it's a complete joke. That's why you can take 10 different Biblical scholars, place them in a room with one bible for an hour, and when they come out they have 10 totally different interpretations of the damn thing.


If you want, I'm sure I can read Nostradamous and decipher what he really was predicting...That I'll have really bad gas after eating a really hot Burrito at Baja Cafe this afternoon for lunch.


It's just as plausible as any other interpretation. Just take any object he refers to and say that it is a symbolic icon for something that fits into your story.


These "documentaries" on the idiot box have been appearing for decades now. Whenever a major world event occurs they roll the writings of good ol' Nostro out and see how they can fit them into the context of whatever happened recently. And of course, people watch them like sheep and lend it the benefit of plausibility when it deserves none.

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See: Penn and Teller's bulls*** season 1.


Nostradamus predictions said the the world would end in 1999. And yet, like always, gullible asses (see: people) are trying to make this stuff still stand on it's own two feet five years AFTER the world didn't come to an end.


Also of note: Nosdtradamus "scholars" are always flipping the names of the antichrist to come up with "who" the antiChrist's actually are. Anyone see problem's with the fact that these great visionary's have all these prophetic visions and yet, can't even come close to the mark on something as simple as the names!? What is whoever giving them this information stuttering?

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