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D.C.'s pitch for the Expos


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Highlights from the article that affect us (somewhat):


City officials have prepared a new plan they say offers Major League Baseball exactly what it has requested -- 100 percent public financing for a new ballpark if the Expos are moved to the nation's capital.




Washington's new proposal, first reported by The Washington Times, envisions a $340 million stadium built on a parking lot near RFK Stadium.




The money would be raised through a new tax on large Washington businesses and taxes on tickets, concessions, merchandise, parking and other stadium-related sales.



They're going to be able to raise $340 million dollars simply taxing businesses and stadium related sales, and we can't raise $120 million that way??? :mad :


This could become more fuel for the Marlins to argue that Miami needs to cement itself as a major city.

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Hey Marlins2003,


I have heard that the $1 billion bond issue is in big trouble. People are having issue with the Freedom Tower purchase being in there and the Canosa family making so much on the transaction. What have you heard?


That's why Miami Beach and Visitor's Bureau are doing everything they can to kill the Marlins deal. I wrote about it here a day or so ago. They're supposed to get their convention center money from the the billion dollar fund and they're worried sick they'll get shut out a second time. The county promised them that if the Marlins deal doesn't go through they go to the top of the list for those CDT $$$.


FatHank spilled the beans the other day when he let it slip. He tried to cover his tracks but it was too late.

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guys, in the District of Columbia all you need is a stroke of the Mayor's pen and the money flows. Florida and most other states don't have that. Most people in DC can't vote for much more than public officials.

Another reason why you can't make a really good comparison b/t DC and the Banana Republic is the fact that DC does not possess any budgetary power over it's own finances. DC's budget is soley controlled by the United States Congress.



There you go, there's your fun trivia for the night.

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