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Austin Gone


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The following is from WWE.com:


After months of negotiations, the WWE and Steve Austin have been unable to come to terms on a new contract and as a result have mutually agreed to part company.


Both parties have left the door open to work together again in the future and the WWE wishes Steve the very best in his future endeavors.

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First of all, Austin's act got old and was doing nothing that was worth keeping him around, he didn't want to wrestle and was placed where he was only going after the heels rather than raising hell whereever he saw fit.


I have no problem with him gone and Bisch can set up some some great owner wrestler battles, The Rock was made when he took on Steph and H.


P.S., Pretty funny that the man who sent Lesnar and Goldberg "Packing" is now gone.

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The Full Backstage Story Behind Austin's Release

By Chris Walters on April 18, 2004 at 3:11 PM EST


Here is an in-depth update on what exactly led to Steve Austin's release from WWE:




Steve Austin, his lawyers, and WWE had been negotiating for the past several weeks until things came to a halt last week when Austin wanted the rights to the 'Stone Cold' name for outside WWE projects. Austin also wanted to be able to pick and choose which projects he did and not share royalties from outside projects with WWE.



Steve hired a very tough attorney that was willing to fight and chose to play hardball with WWE and Vince McMahon. The two sides could not reach angreement after several heated meetings.



Believe it or not, many people backstage in WWE felt this could be the end of Austin before it even started. We were very touchy on what we reported as the matter could have been resolved in minutes. WWE has left the door open for Austin to return to the company.



We have heard some reports that Austin wanted to leave WWE anyways to work Japan with Goldberg. Although Austin has been talking with Bill about working for PRIDE, the talks only started when WWE contract talks went sour. As it stands right now, Goldberg has a HUGE deal with PRIDE and he feels Austin can make the same.



There was a meeting in Texas last week (we are not sure of the day) for Austin to review his options with Japanese officials. Japan is definitely an option for Austin but he did not choose them over WWE. It should be pretty obvious that WWE didn't want Austin working for another promotion that would be running a PPV in the United States.



There is no truth to the reports that WWE released Austin due to the recent domestic situation. This thing was completely contracted related and WWE tried diligently to get a new deal done.


We'll keep you posted

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