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Isn't this the bill Byrd attached the ballpark


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Rebate On The State Gas Tax? Maybe!


Gas tax rebate gains support in Capitol


Drivers could be getting a check in the mail


Apr 16, 2004 5:04 pm US/Eastern

TALLAHASSEE (AP) Florida drivers could be getting a check in the mail from the state because of high gas prices.


Both Republicans and Democrats are starting to line up behind an idea to give a rebate to all Floridians with a car.


The plan has become a top goal of House Speaker Johnnie Byrd in the closing weeks of the legislative session.


Right now, no bill has been drafted but members of the Florida House are trying to figure out how to create a rebate program that would send cash to every Floridian with a registered vehicle.


House Democratic leader Doug Wiles says he supports the idea.


Democrats have criticized tax cut proposals from Republicans

this legislative session, saying the state needs that money for more important issues such as education and medical care.


But providing relief from high gas prices is a growing priority at the Capitol.

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this isnt the bill. hehe... cape, did you like totally pull this out of your ass? :p


i just went to the FL house website to look at the finance & tax committee page to see what they did this week and found the bill that has the ballpark language inserted in it. it's a general tax administration bill, and if you actually want to read the thing, it's here:




lines 444 onward pertain to the marlins.


and if you wanna see the vote, look here: http://www.myfloridahouse.com/custFiles/39/3060.pdf

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