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Beinfest wants the farm for Lowell

Teal Shadow

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Expos fan the bottomline did he get rid of Vlad and Vidro? NO

why would he have tried? both were affordable and nowhere near free agency at the time when Loria was in charge..(unlike Lowell who is a free agent after 04)



If Lowell wasn't so close to big paychecks and free agency, the Fish would not be having these trade talks.

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Fish Fillet, as for the players you mention, you know perfectly well they were all money issues. It's not as if these moves were made because they thought the players weren't good.


-Preston makes 9 million next year, then 12.

-Floyd wanted 10 here.

-Clement's making more than any current Florida starter and his record and ERA are worse than all of them.

-Millar I'll give you, and I'll never figure that one out...

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"Clement: One third of the second best young rotation in baseball." Please don't make me laugh, Check the record .500 pitchers are NOT great. "Young" this he's three team and he's got Prior and Wood by 6 or 7 yrs.


"FLoyd: Worked through injury and is starting to break-out (10 HRs). This while playing in a line-up that offers him no protection."


Working through injuries this guy has NEVER been able to play a full season. He belongs in the AL as a DH. Piazza I guess is chop liver(before he got injuried)


"Wilson: Having a great year, hand-down. High teens in HR, 50+ RBI. And it's not b/c of Coors, look at his road splits this year, nearly 50/50 production b/t road and home"


We all knew he was going to have a break out year playing between Helton and Walker. O ya playing at Coors helps, I think....


If Loria is so great, why are the Expos moving? And why is it they start winning after he leaves?


Loria is NOT great (he's the worst one of the three in most opinion polls) and the Expos have the same trouble as do the Marlins NO REVENUE and the canadian taxes are not helping. Why did the Expos start winning once Loria left? Omar Minaya case close(one of the most under-rated GM in baseball)



O stop being a parrot and repeating everthing those talkin heads say on the radio. Again being facts NOT opinions....

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What facts? That Omar Minaya is the "most underrated GM in baseball'? Yeah, that's a quantifiable statement of fact there.


Clement has one year on Wood, not "6 or 7"



Look at stats with Wilson... Like I said, his production is almost equal both on the road and at home. Stop ignoring reality.


Anyway, I could go on and on, but it's worthless. I could tell you that the sun will come out tomorrow and you'd argue the idiotic point that it won't just for the sake of arguement. Keep living in your little fantasy world.

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Like I said don't let the FACTS slap you in the face Clement is 29 and Wood is 25. Again Clement career wins 46 to 56 loss, with his K's to BB ratio a awesome 2 to 1 lol...your right I was wrong below .500 pitcher but a great young prospect if your lookin to play on the senior circuit of MLer


As far as P-Funk his .287 average on the road is good but the numbers at home .315 average is what makes his overall picture of him being a good hitter to great hitter somewhat distorted, plus again the fact that he hits between Helton and Walker helps even the most overrated of players. I see though he's on his way to having another plus-140 SO season.


So you undervalue the impact Omar has made on the club? hmmm


OK, he traded for Livan, Colon, Biddle

Signed Cordero

Acquired some young pitchers in Floyd deal


He's made some very good deals to improve the club but your right it was the owner switch that turn a light in there heads to play better....you are as bad as those clueless talkin heads on the radio.

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