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Here's a left fielder the Marlins should be looking at. Catalanotto has good gap power, hits well with RISP, could hit 3rd, and will not break the bank.


He's a lefty hitter, but an order of JP, Luis, Catalanotto, Cabrera, Lowell, Choi, Gonzalez, Redmond would be pretty exciting.


We could offer Easley in return to bolster the Jay's infield.

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i like this trade. i don't know the blue jays' situation, but from your post it sounds like it might be win-win.


i don't know how frank matches up against niner defensively in LF, but it looks like his bat ought to make up for it.


i dont know the blue jays' situation at all, but if they could use a good infield bat, they might be getting a great deal out of easley, who's only making $300k. he has been great for us, but there's no way he would ever be able to start on our team--now or in the future.


we'd get a better bat in LF for $2 million more in salary, and we'll still have niner to share some time in the OF and occasionally spell choi at 1b.


if the jays actually need infield help, it sounds like a pretty even trade to me.

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I'd rather we look for options within and try Easley out in left.


Although getting Catalanotto pushes WTFNUNEZ into a pinchrun/defensive replacement role so me likey.

Not sure how well that would work as Easley has rarely played the OF.


Easley has done well, however we would still have Mordecai who can play anywhere in the IF, plus we could bring up Valdez to take his spot on the bench.

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