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Just got comcast high definition cable yesterday and damn it's awesome,i was seeing a baseball game right now and i saw javy lopez's face clearly and so perfect it's worth getting high definition cable,anyone else here have high definition cable/satellite?

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just for the record willis you are watching what u always had if u dont have a high def tv. im assuming u have one cuz if u dont,high def cable doesnt make a difference without the tv.

ROFL off-course i have the high definition tv lol,i bought it 2 weeks ago :thumbup

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3000 bucks for Javy Lopez's face! Im in!


Since you were sarcastic about it, I must "diss" you.


*cough* here goes.


I got the Sony bandwagon edition HDTV. You can watch all the division leaders play! Aren't you familiar with this, Passion? :lol :lol :lol































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