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Rotation revamped


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Notes: Rotation revamped

07/01/2004 7:13 PM ET

By Joe Frisaro / MLB.com


ATLANTA -- Shaking things up is nothing new for Marlins manager Jack McKeon. The cigar-smoking 73-year-old has tinkered frequently with the lineup when batters are slumping.

On Thursday he approved a shuffle of the starting rotation.


When the Marlins return to Pro Player Stadium on Friday, a few of their pitchers will be slotted in different spots.


Friday's starter against Tampa Bay remains the same, with Carl Pavano going for his second straight win over the Devil Rays. On Saturday, Florida will go with Brad Penny, and the changes will kick in on Sunday, with A.J. Burnett going on three days' rest instead of struggling left-hander Dontrelle Willis.


On Monday, when the Marlins take on the Pirates, Josh Beckett will be activated from the disabled list and make his first start since pulling a back muscle on June 17.


Willis' turn comes up on Tuesday, and he is scheduled for two bullpen sessions before then.


"This gives Dontrelle a chance to work in the bullpen a bit," said McKeon.


After consulting with pitching coach Wayne Rosenthal, McKeon decided that Willis could use a few extra days to settle on one consistent delivery. Because of his high leg kick, he sometimes struggles for one consistent release point.


In 91 1/3 innings, the 22-year-old has 62 strikeouts and a team-high 32 walks.


"I'm working on throwing strikes," he said, "and I'm working on my tempo."


In his last three starts, Willis is 0-2, giving up 14 runs in 13 innings, striking out eight and walking seven.


Rosenthal detected that Willis was using three different windups in his 4 1/3-inning outing against the Braves on Tuesday.


The changes mean that Beckett and Burnett will each get two starts before the All-Star Break, and lefty Michael Tejera will move to the bullpen.


Beckett hasn't pitched since tweaking his lower back while pitching against the White Sox on June 17. The injury occurred on the day he was activated from the disabled list after being out with a blister.


Burnett is able to go on three days' rest because he threw just 30 pitches in one-plus inning at Atlanta on Wednesday. Rain halted play and caused an early exit for the right-hander.

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This is an excellent plan.


Why not pitch AJ on 3 days rest....he only pitched one inning yesterday.


Giving Willis two bullpen sessions is also needed.


I would be surprised if Tejera stays in the bullpen. He already has an ERA of 27.00 in two starts. :chair

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I think that Tejera will be sent down and that Small has a small chance to stay on the roster, but I think he will stick around.



I think you are right. McKeon clearly has no patience for a pitcher that walks in runs. That is exactly what earned Bump his free pass to Albuquerque.

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I don't know why the hell we are promoting guys like Tejera/Small. . .


Bump/Wayne should be with the club and be used in the right situations!


I say we bring back Wayne, but isn't he still recovering from injury? Bump and Tejera should be at AAA. Small has a chance to do something, he should stay up here.

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I say we bring back Wayne, but isn't he still recovering from injury? Bump and Tejera should be at AAA. Small has a chance to do something, he should stay up here.



Wayne is fine. He was activated from the DL and optioned, he isn't on a rehab assignment. He started 2 days ago for the Topes and went 5 innings giving up 2 hits, and 1 earned run while striking out 4.


The day before Bump went 7 innings surrendering I believe 2 hits and no runs while striking out a bunch.

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Then bring Wayne up! Bump and Tejera can bump along together at AAA.



I take Bump over Perisho any day of the week


I have heard alot about Hutchinson. I want to see him up here.



you run the risk that if he struggles, then he loses all trade value.


We need hyped up prospect on the farms in order to make some trades.

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our best starter in AA is Bill Murphy(6-3, 3.47)


Ryan Baker(from the Spooney deal) has a 2.81era in 32IP has a reliever


there isnt one set closer on the AA team, but its probably Randy Messenger(3.46era)


but what are you going to do with Murphy

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