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When will u say you'll be mine?


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Any suggestions on it? like when to go (fri vs. Sat?)? and stuff like that?


either is fine. its a lot more fun when the place is packed--it adds to the atmosphere. get there early if you like to focus on your food :thumbup


ive only been to the one on south beach though...i would imagine the place would be a bit different in broward.

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I don't know if I should feel sorry or laugh at the lucky lady.The guy has a picture of William Hung as his avatar. :lol




My name is Choi, and fans love me!

I hit de ball farder dan Derreck Lee!


Ohhh Baabby..




I Baang. I Bang!




Yeahh Baby.. when I plaayy


I hit de ball reaaaall hard!


And I 'll be glad to sign yourBaseball Card![/color]


:lol I Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanngg :whistle :D

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