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Lowell would Love to be dealt to the Yanks


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The yankees are looking for a 3rd baseman after this season and Lowell is there best guy to o with. The Marlins Said they will trade Lowell in the Offseason....


Lowell would love return to Yankees







MIAMI - Mike Lowell has imagined playing for just about every team in the majors - it's hard not to, since he's been rumored to be going to most of them - but the idea of putting Yankee pinstripes back on is particularly intriguing.

"I could definitely handle playing there," said Lowell, who played in eight games for the Yanks in 1998 before being dealt to Florida. "It's a great city. It's pretty obvious how much they want to win there. It would be a great place to play."


It's generally accepted that the cash-strapped Marlins are going to deal their talented third baseman, and the Bronx could be a prime destination, particularly if Florida waits until the season is over to move Lowell.


Once Robin Ventura's contract expires at the end of the season, the Bombers will be in the market for a third baseman, and Lowell (.294, 21 HR, 57 RBI) might be the most attractive option.


Of course, playing for George Steinbrenner is a lot different than playing for anybody else.


"I talked to (Lowell) the other day and he said it's tough dealing with (the constant rumors),"said Cliff Floyd, Lowell's former teammate in Florida. "But wherever he lands he'll do fine. Could he handle New York? No doubt. He can play anywhere."



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Why does everyone think Lowell will be dealt like Martha Stewart's stocks? The Fish are playing good, as long as they play good, they will be kept together. Admin will only make a move if he sees an opportunity to make the team better than it is. Clement/Alfonseca for Willis & Co. was an example. Clement and Alfonseca were dead ends, Willis obviously isn't.

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If he goes to the Yanks they better give some cash and that 3b that they have in the minors(forgot his name but he also plays football).

you mean Drew Henson... he is hitting .223


he should go play some football...


no thanks on Henson

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