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c/o thesportingnews.com

The Padres, continuing to reassess their 2004 priorities, plan to pursue a second baseman with speed, a move that would give them the option of making Ramon Vazquez a super-utilityman when Class AAA shortstop Khalil Greene is ready for the majors. Marlins second baseman Luis Castillo, a free agent after this season, fits the Padres' profile; the team could trade for him and then attempt to sign him long-term, collecting draft picks if he departs. Greene recently jumped from Class AA to AAA, and his impressive play has convinced the club to abandon its plans to add a high-profile shortstop.


The Marlins eventually figure to trade Castillo, Mike Lowell and others, but they've contacted at least one club in search of veteran outfield help, indicating that they have yet to concede. As usual, the Fish are taking a curious approach; they've won five of their past seven series, but they entered Tuesday night's play at 34-38, 8 1/2 games back in the wild-card race. ...

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you know what?


why not just go after Klesko for LF instead of Rondell White?


Ryan Klesko 1B/OF SDG Signed May 2000 - 3 years/$18.75M

2002: $6.0M

2003: $6.25M

2004: $6.5M

2005-6: Two-year extension for around $16.5M signed May 2002



Rondell White OF SDG Signed Dec 2001 - 2 years/$10M

2002: $4.0M (+$1.0M signing bonus paid in 2004)

2003: $5.0M

2004: Free Agent


how about a Ramon Vazquez(making $350,000) and Klesko for Todd Hollandsworth, Ramon Castro, Luis Castillo, and Abe Nunez?

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That sounds doable. Admin could pull it of. The only issue I see is that the Pads have used Klesko as their franchise player, would thye trade him? I heard the Yankees were interested in him but couldn;t offer the talent to get him.

Yanks dont have the talent we do....


if the Pads really want Castillo, we should do it....

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Klesko's also quoted as saying he'll rescind his no trade clause if the Padres try to move him off of 1B - so I doubt he'll be willing to go somewhere else and play LF.


He also has a no trade clause so he can decide which teams he'll go to. Doubtful that a veteran like Klesko would go to a team who are constantly trading off good players because of salary budgets.

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actually here it is from the horse's mouth:


via ESPN

Klesko: I might leave


A couple of things could drive Ryan Klesko out of San Diego: losing and a position change. If the Padres don't show improvement and the team asked him to move off first base, Klesko told the San Diego Union-Tribune on June 17 he'd waive his no-trade clause. "I'm tired of getting my (rear end) whipped," Klesko said before the June 17 game. "I'm not giving up. But if I didn't see movement toward improvement, I'd consider being traded, especially if that was happening and they asked me to move off first again. I love San Diego. But I could still live there in the offseason. I only have a few years left. It's all about winning. I've hung with it this long. I'd hate to leave. I'd like to be part of bringing winning back to San Diego."

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there's Dmitri Young but he is pretty expensive....($6.75mil, w/2 yrs left)


Carl Everett OF TEX Signed Feb 2000 - 4 yrs/$29.817M

2000: $4.667M (+$1.0M signing bonus)

2001: $7.0M

2002: $8.0M

2003: $9.15M option exercised

2004: Free Agent


Texas did say they were going to start unloading players... if they would pay 1/2 or so that wouldnt be bad


any other ideas?

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