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My new sig pwns


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hows that prejudice?


it's both prejudice and stereotypical.


Pubes, I'll break it down simple for you:

1) Prejudice...look at the word: pre-judging...you automatically assume that all NASCAR fans are "hicks" (btw, can I say rap music is for n*ggers, if NASCAR is for h*cks?). Unfortunately, NASCAR is nationwide, not kept to the Southeast only. These "hicks" that race are millionaires, and these fans range from high-class to low class, from white to black to hispanic, and from Seattle to Texas to Florida to North Carolina to Pennsylvania.

2) You're pre-judging obviously comes from a certain stereotype you've grown up with. I pretty much discussed the stereotype in my 1st point, but basically, NASCAR fans cover a wide range of people and cultures.


Consider yourself educated.

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