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The Final NBA Mock Pre-Draft Thread

Ben Franklin

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Good morning everyone.



Das Texan has hired me to run this this little mock draft.



It seems like we have two times that are most popular for this event tomorrow.



7pm eastern and 10 pm eastern.



I can do either time. As of 5pm eastern time tomorrow I will determine the time that is most popular with my General Managers, that will be the time of our mock draft.


It will be held in the Chat room, the link can be found at the top right hand corner of the screen.


I invite any visitors they want to come and visit us while we proceed with this draft. You can visit numerous sites for information on the prospects.






are the best sites that I am aware of.


There will be 3 minutes between selections, you can use any or all of your time.


Any questions, please forward to me.



Thank you and see you tomorrow.

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And here is the draft order:



1) Cleveland Wildcard

2) Detroit Burnettheat34

3) Denver ajbaseball34

4) Toronto Marlins Bandit

5) Miami Admin

6) LA Clippers marlins02

7) Chicago Rune

8) Milwaukee Ramp

9) New York Burnettheat34

10) Washington MasterChief

11) Golden State Ramp

12) Seattle MasterChief

13) Memphis marlins02

14) Seattle MasterChief

15) Orlando MasterChief

16) Boston Rune

17) Phoenix Joe

18) New Orleans Ramp

19) Utah marlins02

20) Boston Rune

21) Atlanta Burnettheat34

22) New Jersey Admin

23) Portland marlins02

24) LA Lakers Rune

25) Detroit Burnettheat34

26) Minnesota MasterChief

27) Memphis marlins02

28) San Antonio Das Texan

29) Dallas Wildcard

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Room Notes


I am now in my war room,

to denote that -- I will speak in this special form. The chips will be out

shortly and so will the Iced Tea. My mission is to not fail, I have a hookup

to all my potential players and have sheets spread across the desk. Failure

is not an option.

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Why are The Miami Heat in Fish colors?


Now into The Real War Room, in Rune's bedroom




I have contacts with a few GM's to move up, I'm looking at T.J. Ford but have decided he is not worth dealing. I have some very big prospects on the phone and The Celtics have an extra draft pick to deal.


Also The Lakers are looking at A Well known Player who they figure to be a sleeper and no it's not Luke Walton.

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