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Winners and losers of marlins baseball mock draft


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lets start with the losers


miami hreat, picking tj ford was a bad idea. he has no perimeter game and does not fit in the mold of rileys players. pat prefers a veteran pg. there were MANY options with the 5 pick, such as trading up or down. there was plenty of room for creativity here. tj will most likely not make an impact, and there was no one here whod help the heat immidiately.the last resort wouldve been taking a big man, a project, like lampe. grade: D


milwakee kaman wads a big strech, hes was more of a teen pick. hell not be a big star, more of a greg ostertag, not a bad pick, but there were better options. they really wanted hinrich. grade :C



suns: i didint get this pick, marbury is a great young pg, no need for another pg, shouldve taken a big man, like sweetney. grade: C-



cavs and pistons: both picks were no brainers grade: A

minnesota: WOW! collison drops to 26???!!! grade: A

seattle: takes on a very bad contract, but gets mello and still is able to get gaines at 14 to replace gp, although loses good shooter in allen grade:B

orlando: steal of the draft, euro jordan drops to 15. grade:A

spurs: david west was a quality pick here, will have big impact in 3 years. great upside. grade: B

wizrds: hinrich was a semi steal at 10, great leader and looks to solve thier pg woes. grade: B+


question marks:

dever: big risk on passing on mello, but gets proven 22 ppg guy, only 28, gets rid of bad contract, and still gets sweetney at 12.. grade: B-


toronto: bosh is raw, and is not bulky. but has good upside. could be a kg, or just an overhyped keon clark. many optoons at 4, shouldve shopped around a bit.grade: B-


please let me hear your input, congrats to the winners

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