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NFC Breakdown


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Okay guys here is how I rank the NFC....


1. Tampa Bay

2. Green Bay/Philadelphia

4. Atlanta

5. San Francisco

6. Minnesota

7. N.Y. Giants


Okay I will break them down...


Tampa Bay--- Best defense to ever take the field. Absolutely fabulous "D". And Brad Johnson suffices and thrives in this offense. But the offense is still lackluster. But they won the Super Bowl. Period.

Early Prediction: 12-4/13-3


Green Bay--- We showed that injuries eventually caught up with us against the Jets and Falcons. We showed that when injured Lambeau Field wasn't this impenetrable fortress. But the main reason for our demise, wasn't Vick. The Pack had no chance in the playoffs last year. So Linebackers, and a hurt Gilbert Brown equals a really bad run defense. The Packers have done things differently, we have plenty of LB speed now with Na'il Diggs returning, Nick Barnett drafted and signing Hannibal Navies. Drafting Kenny Peterson I look for Peterson to start along side Cletidus Hunt and Gilbert Brown to come in on rushing downs, Rod Walker would also be adequate to fill in Browns role when Brown is hurt. But I see the Packers getting a run for their money from the Vikings.

Early Prediction: 11-5/12-4


Minnesota--- Best off season in history. Chris Claiborne, Ken Irvin, Kevin Williams, and a plethera of other good free agents and draftees. The Pass Defense which was their weekness should be stronger. The only question I ahve for them on their pass D is the safety spots. Their offense is good when Culpepper is out. Culpepper has been in Minnesota since the year ended studying film and hitting the books. And the fact that he is still in the Twin Cities isn't good for him. Meaning he hasn't hit the books good enough. And so the Vikings Defense will be good and their offense will be good. But IF Culpepper continues to turn the ball over like he did last year, then there is no way the Vikings Defense has the endurance to stay on the field as long as he has put them on the field in the past. My Dad (a viking fan) says they'll beat the Pack for the division, hes wrong. But they will be good and challenge for a low wild card spot.

Early Prediction: Between 8-8 and 10-6


Chicago--- They did the Packers a favor by signing the awful Kordell Stewart. Rex Grossman drafted said this "I can't wait to follow in the footsteps of some of the great Bears QBs. It will be really exciting to try and live up to their high standards!" Yes Rex should have a hell of a time trying to live up to the standards of Jim Miller, Shane Mathews, Eric Kramer, Henry Burris, Steve Stenstrom, and Jack O'Neal. Nuff said. Urlacher and Brown are the only bright spots on this team.

Early Prediction: 5-11/6-10



I will do more reviews later.

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Notice Wild Card that I said I would put up more reviews later!


And Marlins, I don't predict any sharpies, but against the Pack last year Owens took out the pom poms!! I'm serious about this, I predict that when Frisco comes to Green Bay this year, if Owens scores a TD in that game, I predict he does a Lambeau Leap! :D


Anyways, here is the rest of my reviews....


San Francisco--- Made the biggest mistake by firing Mariucci to protect Bill Walsh's ego as the greatest 9er coach ever. Dennis Erickson is an average coach (usually 8-8) the Niners are a very good team (usually 11-5). Not a lot of improvement on Defense, and letting go a good reciever in Stokes (though he wanted to go) were huge mistakes that will prove consequential!

Early Prediction: 10-6


Atlanta--- A surprise team. And even if the only reason they beat us at Lambeau is Vick, they still have him. And that makes them just as dangerous period. With some very nice additions in the Defensive Backfield (both additions were from Green Bay last year). I think that they will be even better. Scary thought I know.

Early Prediction: 10-6/11-5


Philadelphia--- A very good team. People say they've gotten worse. I don't think so. They got rid of 2 extremely slow LBs in Kirkland and Gardner. And added 2 very fast LBs with Nate Wayne (Green Bay) and another whose name escapes me now. But replacing Hugh Douglas with Jerome McDougall, McDougall may be good. But not as good as Douglas. And making no offensive improvements. Equals about the same season as last year and the year before. Playoff disappointment.

Early Prediction: 11-5/12-4


N.Y. Giants--- Good team. Very confident and good coach. Average to Good offense. Barber and Collins can hold it up. Pretty good defense. The roster doesn't blow your skirt up when you look at it. But what counts is they play as a TEAM. And they never give up. Good team.

Early Prediction: 9-7/10-6



So as you see the NFC should be loaded with talent. And also to get honorable mention as possible playoff contenders...

(in no particular order)


St. Louis

New Orleans


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Dallas--- Well a lot of experts say, and I agree, that Carter would have been a high 1st round pick if he stayed in school.

So I think QCarter will eventually do fine. But see the thing is the Tuna will be good. But he preaches the run to set up the pass. And with no Emmit. No offense. He is not one to change his system so quickly. And we all know Troy Hambrick is no Emmit Smith!

Early Prediction: 7-9/8-8


So I see Dallas as really outside shot at the last Wild Card spot. And I mean outside. But the Defense is truly awesome!

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