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Effects of depleted uranium


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Just in case it hasnt been posted. There are some sick pics in that flash, so dont watch it if your not curious.


BTW Im not here to start a thread about war or whether or not its justified. IMO its a waste of time to try to change someone's opinion about it. I just put this up so we can get a glimpse of some stuff that we dont see too often in person, and be thankful we were born where we were since frankly we didnt have any choice in that matter (point is that we are able to view this forum and probably living well due to that location of birth that allowed us to get where we are).

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Very harsh video but it's the reality.


Unfortunately, this is what happens in the recent wars, especially from the US. I have also met a person that has been severely damaged from depleted Uranium. Uraniums damage has been felt ever since the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


To this day, almost 60 years later, the effects of Uranium are still being felt in these sectors of Japan, and many children are born with defects.


And don't think we are too safe either.


Visit the website www2.whoseflorida.com and especially this one http://www.whoseflorida.com/nuclear_waste.htm .

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