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Marlins on national TV


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Friday vs. Braves on TBS.

It's TBS' Friday Night Special, when they bring on a guest into the booth for a couple innings. This friday's guest? Only former Marlins manager Jim Leyland.



Sunday vs. Braves on ESPN2.

Running opposite of the Yankees - Red Sox game on ESPN.



Saturday's game will be blocked out to Extra Innings and MLB.tv subscribers because MLB on FOX coverage extends until 7 PM EST.

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Where did you see that the game on Sunday will be on espn2? They wouldve televised it if it was going to be at 8, but its been moved back to 1 because of the doubleheader on monday. on the espn website, it shows the yankees game at 1 on espn and wnba on espn2 from 2-4. it would be great if it was on espn2 because sunday's game is not going to be on fsn or pax.

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Unfortunately, and I hope Im wrong, but I think the marlins being listed on espn2 on sunday is a remnant from when they were going to be on 8, and was just never changed. i doubt espn/espn2 are both going to be showing games on a sunday afternoon. and espn2 is showing wnba, and while no one may care, they are committed to show that. With that said, I hope I am wrong.

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