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I have a friend who is having a baby and she likes the name Hunter. But she is kinda scared that when her baby gets older he will out grow his name and not like it. And some people will tease him. I told her that Hunter is a cool name.

I also told her that I will ask you guys about the name....


So guys.. If your mother named you Hunter would you like your name? If not why? Do you think you will get teased?



Thanks :) :thumbup Kinda a dumb question but I thought I could help her because there are alot of guys on this board.


There are not many men on Babynames.com Boards :lol

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Cool name, though I'd prefer Dante.


I doubt he'll get picked on, and it's a pretty pimp name.


Dante is Pimp so is Ryu. BTW Clyde PWNs



dont forget Ken, Zangief, Guile, and Blanka.


though Hunter is a good name. sounds like theres a wave of giving kids surnames as regular names. not bad though.

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