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Who were your biggest surprises (good or bad)

Guest Fritz

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This year I did one team and it's a 12 team public league where I had some really awesome competitors.


Anyway, my studs:


Cabrera - 8th round

Konerko - waiver wire

Nathan - waiver wire

Burnitz - waiver wire

Benitez - 11th round

Burnett - waiver wire

Pavano - 12th round

Lidge - waiver wire

Estrada - waiver wire




Barry Zito - 5th round

Bartolo Colon - 6th round

Delgado (pre-ASB) - 3rd round

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Keeper league with a bunch of friends.. I'm in first right now.. winner gets about 200 bucks





Miguel Cabrera, 7th round

David Ortiz, 8th round

Al Leiter, 18th round

Moises Alou, 20th round

Carl Pavano, 22nd round





Brandon Webb, 6th

Arthur Rhodes, 9th

Jose Contreras, 11th

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12 team, private league


Round 7 - SS Kaz Matsui

Round 12 - INF Placido Polanco

Round 23 - INF Mark DeRosa

Round 24 - P Ryan Wagner



Round 14 - P Armando Benitez

Round 16 - OF Jeromy Burnitz

Round 20 - P Francisco Cordero


Good FA Pickups this Year: C Victor Martinez is the best

Stupidest Move of the Year: Dropping Johan Santana. Had that horribly start, I figured hitters had finally started to figure out his pitching, so I dumped him. Bad mistake.


My trade of the year was trading Aubrey Huff for Ichiro Suzuki and Brett Myers. I had power set with Burnitz, Pujols, Bagwell, Cabrera, etc., so Suzuki was a huge pickup for me.


Even with those big busts (and dropping Santana), Im in the finals right now. Pretty close race.

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Good Picks

12th pick Cabrera

13th pick Odalis Perez

14th pick Corey Patterson

15th pick Pavano

16th pick Ben Sheets

17th pick J.D. Drew


Those were my steals and they all came back to back


Bad Picks


3rd Pick B. Wagner

4th Pick P. Wilson

9th Pick Berroa

10th Pick Nomo


I had two awesome trades the first was Huff and B. Giles for Sexson and Santana, I made this trade just before the season began.


The Second trade was Lowell and Grissom for Abreu and Sean Casey, I traded Lowell when he was red red hot and Abreu was still slumping in the beginning of the year. I had to make a trade for a 1st Baseman because this is when Sexson went down.


My best free agent pick up was Melvin Mora


I did win my League, I won on a technicality because we were tied at the end of the match up and I had the lower ERA, but whatever my team rocked !

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This was my team at the end of the season through various trades and pick ups



C. Wilson (Pit - C,1B,LF,RF)

D. Lee (ChC - 1B)

O. Hudson (Tor - 2B)

M. Mora (Bal - 3B,LF)

R. Furcal (Atl - SS)

C. Beltr?n (Hou - CF)

B. Abreu (Phi - RF)

A. Huff (TB - 1B,3B,RF,DH)

J. Drew (Atl - CF,RF)

C. Patterson (ChC - CF)



J. Westbrook (Cle - SP)

J. Halama (TB - SP,RP)

J. Patterson (Mon - SP,RP)

E. Gagne (LA - RP)

B. Wagner (Phi - RP)

S. Chac?n (Col - SP,RP)

J. Affeldt (KC - SP,RP)

B. Sheets (Mil - SP)

B. Zito (Oak - SP)

B. Col?n (Ana - SP)

J. Santana (Min - SP,RP)

C. Pavano (Fla - SP)

C. Sabathia (Cle - SP)


This is a link to my leagues draft, my team is Big Mikeys Ballers


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