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The Money Pit


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Figured I'd post this if anyone else is intrested in the legendary money pit of Oak Island, Nova Scotia. I'm giving a speech on it(along with the lost treasures of Maxamillian and Montezuma) and have been sucked in by it since I first saw an old "In Search OF" program on it.


For those who don't know it's one of the few mysteries which we clearly know of that has yet to be beaten by modern machines. Back in the late 18th century it was discovered digging began, at every 10 feet their was an oak platform, at 60 ft coconut husks were found and finally at 90 feet an unkown stone which contained cryptic enscriptions. As the years passed and technology got better they finally got to 110 ft down. Then out of nowhere comes smith's cove tunnel. Who ever made this pit, made a manmade beach and cove to pump the ocean water into the tunnel for when ever someone got to 110 and therefore flooding the tunnel. When they finally began to get around this tunnel, other tunnels were found.


With all this technology, the money pit has yet to be beaten despite being built probably in the 1600's by a man who must of been obsessed to do this. It's rumored that the treasure below is that of Captain Kidd's. Numerous digs have been done(including one which FDR participated in) and digs with the best of technology and the secrets of this vault can not be broken despite these efforts.

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i need to make an attempt at this.


Yeah, I'd love to sign on for a dig their, as I said probably one of the few mysteries where our world of technology has everything they need in front of them and they still can't crack it.


I would like to visit it and sign up as well. Who knows, maybe I will find the money. :shifty

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