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Gallup has it tied


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Bush went from a 8 point lead among likely voters to tied and from a 13 point lead to a 2 point lead, a statistical tie, among registered voters. Gallup has been strongly favoring Bush and it doesnt adjust for party affiliation. I wonder how the ones the previously showed it tied will now turn out..




Looks like the debate had a very large effect.

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Forgive me, I'm tired, but let me try to say what I'm thinking here.


The reason so many folks around the world envy our hospitals and want our healthcare is because it is not socialized.


Capitalism breeds competition, and competition breeds invention. We lead the world in medicine breakthroughs because of this.


If healthcare were government funded/run, say goodbye to that reputation.





Like I said, I'm tired and I'm not quite sure I put it as effectively as I could have.

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I go to a Doctor.? He's part of a network of doctors.


When I get f***ed up, I go to the hospital and my insurance pays them.


No, I mean where do you get your insurance?



Anthem Healthkeepers, according to my card.

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