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Bush using an earpiece in debate?


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The conservatives asked for it and...here they have it.


One of the weirdest moments during the debate was when Bush, out of nowhere, barked "let me finish." Lehrer hadn't said anything. Kerry hadn't said anything. He was only 60 seconds in to his answer. None of his warning lights had gone off. So, who was he talking to? God, Jesus, or Karl Rove?


Watch the video yourself!


I don't know what to say, but that snapshot and video is pretty damning. He should explain himself because it is visible.


Here is the video from the pool feed....pretty damning indeed.




ffw to 40m 30sec mark


See this picture for the wire running down Bush's back during debate





I've worked in theater, video and film production for 20 years. My experience leads me to believe that Bush has been using an in-ear monitor for years. He used it in the Tim Russert interview.


There are a host of clues that give it away, mostly it's his hesitant speech pattern, although I must admit he's getting better at repeating his dialogue.


There would be no external wires (that bulge and wire seen in the over-the-shoulder shots would be a wireless lavlier microphone (The mic head would be hidden under the lapel) with the lectern mic being a backup to the wireless lav).


It probably does have two-way comuunication, rather than receive only, and it probably uses the radio frequncies assigned to the Secret Service. For return signal, the handler just needs a video/audio feed from the media doing the recording.


There does NOT need to be line-of-sight worries, all they would need is an antenna inside the room, preferably near the stage, but Front Of House would do fine.


You will never see it, unless you could see straight into his ear.


I want to see the Republican's contract rider. Does it specify an inner room? Of course it will ask for a video/audio feed, but does it insist on placing an antenna inside the venue? Do they limit the event producer to specific freqs (of their wirless mics) so as to cut down on harmonic interference?


All the signs are there, it's pretty obvious that he's using one, but proving it? Well, that's the trick isn't it...


As for jamming it, the SS uses all sorts of encryption tech on their radios. First you'd have to hunt out the right frequency among all the RF in the room (including regular SS communications regarding taking out any unexpected protesters). Next one would have to crack whatever receiver encryption exists (carrier suppression, CTCSS, etc...) to get it to receive your signal and open the receiver's squelch, and last the signal would have to be stronger than the handler's.


Given the tight security, a guy running around with a radio transmitter and a directional antenna would be arrested trying to get close enough. It would be a lot easier outdoors, but he doesn't go off-prompter there does he?

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I remember that "Let me finish" and thought it was odd, but I dunno if it's a wire. It's probably just his tail going up his back.



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My guess?


When the secret service is required to have their man at a distance for whatever reason (like a debate), he gets wired so some sort of early warning to hit the deck could be communicated before the cavalry arrives.


Some sort of distracting jabber on the warning channel could cause a subject to utter such a remark if he was in the middle of speaking when the jabber occured.



Kerry is getting followed by the secret service as well, so he would have one of the ear pieces as well. Did he? I don't know? If anyone does enlighten us please.

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